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NM 29

Post by Frans » Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:22 am

New Mutants 29 has two scenes of Magneto. The first he's on the island with Lee Forrester as Professor X telephatically warns him the Beyonder has arrived on Earth. The second he breaks through the ceiling of the Gladiators' Arena to summon the students of Xavier help him save the world. This is nearly the exact same scene as in Secret Wars II #1. Only the NM 29 scene is moments before the other. In UXM 195-BTS Magneto summons the X-Men to help him fight the Beyonder, as heard by Rachel Summers.

NM 29 Magneto with Lee Forrester on island. Xavier warns him of Beyonder
UX 195 Magneto reaches out to X-Men with his thoughts to help him fight the Beyonder
SWII 1 Magneto in X-Mansion discussing with Nightcrawler/Colossus, while other X-Men come in and begin to fight
NM 29 Magneto breaks into Gladiators Arena and asks Xavier's students to come with him
SWII 1 X-Men and some Xavier students leave Arena and all fight the Beyonder

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