Thing in X 48 and GG 4

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Thing in X 48 and GG 4

Post by lettsmonster » Tue May 06, 2014 8:50 pm

I have some concerns about the placement of these two Thing appearances between FFU 12 and FF 408. It appears to be an unbroken storyline between FFU 12 and FF 408. On the last panel of FFU 12, Reed, Sue, Ben, Namor and Lyja, having been stuck in the past, are waiting to be transported to the future by Kristoff. On the splash page of FF 408, this event has just occurred with Reed questioning the location and Kristoff confirming.

X 48 features the Thing playing poker with the Beast, Gambit, Storm, Iceman and Cannonball. GG 4 shows the Thing relaxing in Four Freedoms Plaza and then receiving a phone call for assistance from the Green Goblin. I don't see how these appearances could fit here. As always, thanks for listening. M Bradley Letts

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Re: Thing in X 48 and GG 4

Post by Col_Fury » Thu May 08, 2014 7:29 am

That doesn't work, does it?

Also, why are there comics (like FFUP 4-6) placed between FF 410-411? FF 410 ends on a cliffhanger that FF 411 picks up on.

FF 409 ends the current plot, and even has a caption that says the story is over. Why not move X 48 & GG 4 to after FF 409 and FFUP 4-6 to before FF 410? (yes, Reed has a beard in FFUP 5 and FF 409-410, so that's fine)
-Daron Jensen