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"Future Exiles" in X-Men: Millennial Visions

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:47 pm
by Doombot616
Okay, I've never read these nor do I have access to them, but it seems like there are relevant stories in X-Men: Millennial Visions 2000 and 2001. I looked for these in the key, in the non-canon list, on the board (I think there was one mention in a list of things) and in the checklist. I'm assuming they are missing because the stories were almost all in one-off alternate realities so there was almost nothing of interest from a continuity perspective. It looks like maybe there is an Exiles connection, though. Specifically in EX2 41-42, Cyclops (Earth-2182) has assembled an odd group of characters to be his Brotherhood. They include Hyve and Radioactive Man, two characters who do not appear to be mutants (well, I mean Radioactive Man could be a mutant on Earth-2182, but traditionally he is a mutate). On I found an article on a story about the Future Exiles that seemed to be an earlier version of this team. Once again I haven't read the story, but it sounds like an alternate future version of Blink (Earth-1026) eventually ended up with an Exiles team consisting of Cyclops, Rogue (Super-Skrull version of her, both characters from Earth-2182), White Dwarf (Earth-1010), Beast (Earth-902...he's the baldish guy) and Hyve (Earth-9470). Two of those characters (White Dwarf and Beast) had actually previously appeared in stories about their respective realities in X-Men: Millennial Visions 2000. It seems like the correct order for these five characters' appearances is the X:MV 2000 stories (for Beast and White Dwarf), then the X:MV 2001 story, then EX2 41-FB and EX2 42-FB. Obviously, it is odd that EX2 41-42 flashbacks would have an appearance by a future Exiles team when the current team didn't exist yet, but perhaps this alternate future team moves through time as well. I haven't read far enough to know if the Exiles proper ever end up time-travelling, so maybe they eventually do that.

So, this all points to White Dwarf (who is currently unlisted), Beast (also unlisted) and Hyve needing moved to different realities in the Alternate Universes (Numbered) page. It also would imply that the Blob and the Radioactive Man that appear are not necessarily from Earth-2182. The wikia page assigned those two characters Temporary Reality Numbers. Personally, I think that could still be the Blob of Earth-2182 since the team normally (but not always) has six members, but that doesn't seem like something that could be known for certain. Maybe they'd be "Blob | Future Exiles" and "Radioactive Man | Future Exiles" on the Alternate Universes (Unnumbered) page?

Anyway, does anybody have these books to confirm if that wiki page is correct and if the order of appearances makes sense?

Re: "Future Exiles" in X-Men: Millennial Visions

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:53 pm
by Doombot616
Also, just noticed a story called "Professor W's X-Men" in the X:MV 2000 which appears to be Earth-2182, and some of those characters are listed as appearing in the Future Exiles story (although maybe not true appearances?)

Edit: Okay, on further inspection, describes it like this:

"Comic consists of two-page spreads with one side being a text story and the other being a corresponding pin-up."

So, I guess it depends on whether the "text story" is really a narrative story or just a glorified handbook entry. Obviously, if this is canon then it could still mean that the labels on a few characters should be changed.