Paradise X: Heralds

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Paradise X: Heralds

Post by Col_Fury » Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:41 pm

In Paradise X: Heralds a team is assembled of various alternate reality characters.

Days of Future Past Wolverine is definitely what he appears to be. Issue #1 starts in the Days of Future Past timeline and Wolverine is killed by a Sentinel. X-51 appears and rejuvinates him, then introduces him to the rest of the team.

Hyperion is not the one we know. He older, starting to go bald with grey hair, and he's wearing a black variation of his suit.

Iron Man 2020/Arno Stark, Bloodstorm(from Mutant X), Killraven, & Deathlok/Luther Manning all appear to be from their respective realities, and the Alternate Universe Handbook agrees. I'll have to go back and check the books, but there may be a hitch with Bloodstorm wanting to be cured vampirism.

Spider-Girl looks like she's meant to be the MC2 Spider-Girl in the Heralds mini, but then we get to Paradise X #2 where she says:

"Of course my dad's not dead. He's a clone. That's why I wear his costume and not yours." Hrmn.

The Alternate Universe Handbook says this is not the same Spider-Girl, and given that line I can't really argue. There's not any way around that, is there?

And does anyone have their Mutant X issues handy to see if Bloodstorm was cured in her own book, in Paradise X, or both?
-Daron Jensen