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Alternate Universe/Timeline MCP criteria

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:26 pm
by Somebody
Stuff which fits one of the following sections is eligible to be added to the MCP. Eventually :)

Alternate Universes/Timelines
1. An alternate Marvel owned universe/timeline with characters appearing in multiple titles, requiring a chronology.

2. Given 1., said universe/timeline has established itself as part of the larger Marvel Multiverse(s) either through contact with another established Marvel universe, or by making multiple appearances in or from a Marvel comic that explores the Marvel Multiverse(s) such as What If...? or Exiles.

Licensed Characters
(a) Must be part of the Marvel Universe via their own ongoing series and crossovers or follow-ups in other Marvel Universe titles.
(b) Must have a long-running, Marvel-published title with characters that extensively crossover into/with the Marvel Universe, and which is not part of a larger, non-Marvel canon.

Crossovers between Companies
When the Marvel Universe crosses over with another Company's universe it must be presented as two separate universes crossing, not existing in the same universe, to qualify for a listing.(such as JLA/Avengers) In such a case, we'll only list the Marvel characters as we're the MARVEL Chronology Project.