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Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD TPBs

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:29 pm
by GodRob
Does anyone know if the 2000 Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD TPB reprinted issues were cut/modified/changed in any way?

In October there are two collections coming out reprinting Nick Fury stories:

SHIELD by Lee & Kirby reprints Strange Tales 135-150, FF 21, and TOS 78. It comes out October 13th and is $24.99.

SHIELD the Complete Collection Omnibus reprints Strange Tales 135-168, Nick Fury AoS 1-15, FF 21, TOS 78, Marvel Spotlight 31 and Avengers 72. It comes out October 20th and is $99.99.

My dilemma is that I already own the Nick Fury TPB from 2000 that reprints Strange Tales 150-168. I already have the "good stuff" and paying a hundred bucks for all of the other stories seems kind of steep, especially if they aren't very good. Of course, if the "good stuff" I already have has been cut or poorly edited, then I don't really have the "good stuff" at all.

Any advice from you Nick Fury fanatics out there?

Re: Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD TPBs

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:06 pm
by GodRob
Found a good deal for the Omnibus and it arrived today.

If anyone is interested, the 2000 TPB does appear to be complete.

All of the Nick Fury stories from Strange Tales 150-168 are reprinted in their entirety without any modifications to the original page layouts (no split pages, deleted panels, additional panels or enlarged panels). It even includes the four-page foldout from Strange Tales 167. The only (very noticible) change I could detect is the coloring. Everything is recolored and in comparison I feel the omnibus looks better.

The 2000 TPB also only reprinted the covers of issues that featured Nick Fury, collected at the back of the book, and ignored the covers that featured Dr. Strange. The Omnibus reprints all of the covers, each at the beginning of the issue where they belong. (It also reprints the letters page at the end of each issue.)

Glad I got it.