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question about the F4 and Onslaught (and personal history)

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:51 am
by TheDeuce
way back in the day, when i first read comics (for a reason i can't seem to remember) i was only reading the X-Books. shortly after i started reading the whole Onslaught crossover happened. i know that nowadays that crossover isn't looked upon fondly, but i bought and collected every single issue that touched it. i loved it and ate it all up. but i was really only reading the X-Books, so when the crossover was over i returned to reading just those, though not for a long time afterward.

10 Years Later:
i found out you could read comics on your computer and i started doing that. so i decided i was going to start reading comics again. starting with the X-Books, of course. but from the beginning, and in the order it happened. thanks to DHall's X-Men Reading Order, on-line comics, and TPB that seemed time consuming and i thought i might enjoy it. i did.

awhile later this guy starts working at the thrift store that i'm working at and he's really, really into comics. and we became friends (he also listened to good tunes, which clinched the deal). after a little while he tells me about the current Captain America series and how it's the only modern day comic he reads. he lets me borrow the whole series (i wanna say it was on issue 28 at the time, maybe 30). i loved it. they were some of the best comics i'd ever read. and then i moved.
before i'd moved i just read Captain America when he bought it. but now i knew no one in my area and i had to take it upon myself to read the book. my X-Men chrono reading stopped after i got to the first couple issues of Dazzler :outtahere: and i started buying Captain America. and then i started trying to collect the whole series. (i'm still missing 7 issues, but i do have a 25 first pressing that i'm proud of, i turned down a 2nd pressing). and in the meantime i started buying other books, including the X-Books again. and then Secret Invasion started.

Modern Day:
Being as one of my early comic experiences was a huge Marvel-wide crossover, i love huge crossovers. and so i'm a sucker for getting every Secret Invasion book (i even went out and bought all of Secret War just because of something Bendis said). i was out of work for a bit there and so my comic shop was holding my comics in my pull box until i started getting paychecks again. i just finished reading Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3. this conversation takes place in it (spoiler used for safety's sake):
Human Torch: The last time I saw you-- or heard from you, Lyja-- was when you were pretending to be...what was her name?

Lyja: Laura Green. I thought I was so clever...

Human Torch: What happened to you? We got back from fighting Onslaught and you-- "Laura Green"-- were just...gone...

Now, this might sound like a stupid question, i don't know, but what happened? from my understanding, the F4, the Avengers, and i think that's it, all got shot into the Heroes Reborn universe, or whatever. why would Johnny make a statement like that? as if he came right back after the fight and she was gone. am i misunderstanding something about what happened after the big final battle with Onslaught or am i just taking what Johnny said the wrong way? the only reason i ask is because that's were my reading started and this makes me feel like i missed something in getting reacquainted with the marvel universe and it's, more or less, recent history.

thanks for listening to me ramble.

Re: question about the F4 and Onslaught (and some history of me

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:59 am
by rhod
I think you can probably put this down to poor research, the writer not realising that the FF didn't come back from fighting Onslaught until a year later (pretty much to the day, according to the Heroes Return series) - long time for anyone to wait around.