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The Official MCP Comics Trading/Selling Post!

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:44 pm
by JephYork
Hi, everyone. Another board that I spend time on has a thread where members trade or sell their comics with one another, and I thought we might want to try a similar stunt over here. If this thread takes off, we'll continue it -- if it tanks, we'll probably quietly retire it. So please, everyone feel free to participate!

Whether you're looking to sell your comics, trade them for others, or just request comics you're trying to find -- this is the thread for you. A few ground rules, though:

1. You must be a registered board member with at least 10 posts -- or you must e-mail one of the moderators to ask permission to post your list here. I don't want people to start signing up just to advertise their wares.

2. You can offer comics for sale, post up a trade list (what you're offering and what you're looking for), or post a "wants list". Please include a rough grade and an estimate of price and shipping, where relevant. You can also advertise your comic-related eBay auctions or other online sales of your comics.

3. Feel free to ask other posters for clarifying follow-ups on this thread, if you think the information is general enough that the entire board would want to know (like, "is that a first printing?") -- but please restrict all offers to buy/trade, general haggling and deal-making to Private Messages.

4. If you've sold/traded/received something off your list, please edit your post to remove it.

5. Screwing over a fellow board member (i.e. charging outrageous shipping fees, offering comics for sale/trade that you don't actually own, promising to pay but vanishing) is a moddable offense. Obviously mistakes can happen -- comics get lost in shipping, grading isn't universal, and people's budgets change like lightning -- but any clear-cut instances of obvious dickery will be answered by suspensions from the board. Please try to resolve any disputes one-on-one, but if you truly need intervention (and please note that I have no power outside of this board; I can't compel anyone to actually DO anything), please PM me.

Thanks! This thread is meant to be a service to our little community -- helping to get comics into (or out of) the hands of fellow chronologists and comic-lovers! So please approach it in that spirit ... and enjoy!

Re: The Official MCP Comics Trading/Selling Post!

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:23 pm
by Russ Chappell
Please note that this thread is Buyer-to-Seller. The MCP does not endorse statements made by either buyer or seller. While we reserve the right to restrict posters on the thread, we are not a party to the deal, and by making or accepting offers here, both the buyer and seller agree to absolve us of any responsibility.

caveat emptor

Re: The Official MCP Comics Trading/Selling Post!

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:15 pm
by Jason Doty
Does anyone have a copy of the 1980 Amazing Spider-Man guest starring Spider-Woman Acme and Dingo Children's Boots Giveaway for a reasonable price? People are selling these on ebay for $100 to $125. I think this is a bit high.

* Update- You can remove this post. I got it