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Hypothetical Second Vietnam War note; Diamondback's brother

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:33 am
by Enda80
I had forgotten one of Diamondback's brothers. Her oldest brother, whom Brock Rumlow slew (the man who later took on the Crossbones identity).

As a young man Brock Rumlow was the leader of a small New York gang. There he encountered a young Diamondback, she wanted to join his gang and he used his size to overpower her and rape her. When she came home her two brothers saw what happened to her and went after Brock for revenge. One of the brother's was killed by Crossbones. Anyway, I recall that this brother, disabled and using a wheelchair, had served in combat, since they showed him carrying a firearm when he went to confront Rumlow. A flashback in Captain America I#400 related this incident.

Any idea when this could have happened? After all, Brock Rumlow did not take on the Crossbones identity until some point after Captain America I#300 (a flashback story in Captain American I#383 showed he first met the true Red Skull after the events of that issue), Rachel Leigton received her first diamonds from the Trapster after he transitioned from his Paste-Pot-Identity (fb in Captain America I#319). Rumlow and perhaps Leighton served in the Taskmaster's academy, and the earliest known action of the Taskmaster I can recall occurs with the underlings of the Michael English Atom-Smasher, whom the Handbook reveals came from the Taskmaster's academy. ... ichael.htm