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Patsy Walker & Dolly Donahue

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:40 am
by metaldragon
I'm wondering if there have been any references to Patsy's housekeeper Dolly Donahue previous to DEF 89? Has anyone researched Patsy Walker's earlier, pre-Hellcat stories at all? I know the Patsy Walker Comics are considered non-cannon and have been retconned as both comics Patsy's mom wrote about her, as well as a tv series where Patsy was a child star and her entire town was used as a location/co-stars. Since Patsy mentions that Dolly was her mother's housekeeper and helped raise Patsy, was Dolly ever mentioned anywhere previous to DEF 89, even in passing as "the housekeeper", "maid", "nanny", etc. along those lines?