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Graphics Comments

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:52 pm
by LordZorn

I just wanted to compliment Russ on his choice of graphics for the site, and offer a couple of suggestions. Most of his graphics choices really do seem to embody excellently the essence of what the character "is all about". I was especially surprised and gratified by his Hulk choice(even though it was from one of the saddest chapters in the character's life).

My gripes/suggestions have to do with Captain America and the Silver Surfer. Cap's graphic is too small and too artistically "busy", IMJ. Sure, you see the shield, and Cap's famous acrobatics, but the size, colours (eg. the green contrail marking Cap's trajectory), and angles involved make it hard to discern who is who and what's what. I would suggest a bigger, more iconic shot of Cap fighting Nazis in WWII or Hydra agents in the more recent past. Of course, there's my all-time favourite-- the cover of Captain America Comics 1, with Cap punching Hitler in the face.<G>.

As for the Surfer, he looks more like an angry Ironside or even Iceman on a bad day<g> . I would suggest a more iconic shot of him soaring on his surfboard as "Sentinel of the Spaceways", preferably with his master, Galactus, in the background. As it is, he looks like a cosmically-powered gangsta getting ready to rumble<LOL>.

I know that it's Russ' project and Russ' choices, based on taste, availability, etc., but since Russ showed he was open to change when he updated the Rogue graphic, I thought I would give my suggestions a shot. TIA for listening.