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Bethany Ann? Cabe

Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 4:59 pm
by loki
Numerous internet sources say Bethany Cabe's middle name is Ann. However, having read all her appearances when I wroter her last handbook entry, I didn't see that middle name anywhere - I found an entirely different middle name, Camilla, in Iron Man #300's profile on her. Her Update '89 Handbook entry doesn't list Ann as a middle name either; her Iron Manual 3 and handbook HC entry list Camilla, per Iron Man #300. I can see 3 possibilities:

1. I missed a passing mention of Ann somewhere in her stories.

2. A middle name of Ann is given in an issue where she is mentioned but doesn't appear, hence my missing it.

3. It's an internet name. As I eliminate other options I'm increasingly inclined to take this to be the case.

I'd like to make sure I haven't missed a genuine comic reference to Ann being her middle name. So please, if anyone is aware of a mention of her middle name being Ann, or comes across it during other research, let me know.