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SCAN/INFO REQUEST: Timely and Atlas vampires

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:57 am
by loki
A request for help: part of the upcoming Vampires handbook is an appendix on Marvel vampires, but we're having difficulty sourcing some images and info on a few Atlas/Timely era vamps. If anyone here might be able to assist with any of the following, please drop me an e-mail at, the handbook e-mail address.

IVAR, JOSEF - vampire
--Journey into Unknown Worlds #22 (1953)

IVAR, YLLA – vampire
--Journey into Unknown Worlds #22 (1953)

Count Vicaro – IMAGE ONLY - Marvel Mystery Comics #35 (1942), Page 10 of Angel story, Panel 3 (man in orange)

We need a detailed plot description for the Journey #22 story, and a hi-res scan of a good headshot for each of the Ivars. For Count Vicaro, all we need is a hi-res scan of that single panel.