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Angel's Marvel Fanfare story

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:59 pm
by metaldragon
I was recently re-reading The (New) Defenders 125 and noticed, on page 22, a footnote. Angel is talking to Beast and Iceman about regaining his confidence after the trauma of what Callisto did to him in UX 170. A footnote says "*See upcoming issues of Marvel Fanfare for the whole story." Checking for his appearances in Marvel Fanfare I found him in M/FAN 1-4 which is the X-Men & Spider-Man in the Savage Land story that takes place before he joins the Defenders, then next in M/FAN 32 where he makes a short appearance wearing his X-Factor uniform alongside Beast & Iceman that takes place between XF 7 & 8. (The issue of Marvel Fanfare published the same month as DEF 125 was M/FAN 11, so sometime after that.)

Does anyone know what became of this story? Who was supposed to write it, what it was about, why it was never published?