Haunt of Horror #4

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Haunt of Horror #4

Post by lettsmonster » Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:28 pm

Haunt of Horror #4 (November 1974)
1st Story
by Tony Isabella and Enrique Romero

Satana, Zannarth (an incubus), Satan (in the guise of Miles Gorney)

Satana continues the journey began in HOH 2/4 to find an alternate path into Hell, having been blocked from entering by the mysterious Four. Accompanying her is a childhood friend, Zannarth, an incubus. Satana and Zannarth are soon attacked by the Four and Zannarth is killed. In retaliation, Satana is able to strip away the false images of three of the Four, revealing mere humans who she swiftly dispatches. The last member of the Four, Miles Gorney, although unknown to Satana as actually being her father, taunts her with the charade and refuses to answer any of her questions, then fades away. With no more desire to enter Satan's realm, Satana heads back to the surface world.

2nd Story
by Jack Younger (story) and Syd Shores/Wayne Howard (art)

A female flight attendant dreams about her and her pilot husband's death. They both die when the plane he is piloting crashes into the airport terminal where she is waiting for him to land. Probably not canon.

3rd Story
by Chris Claremont, a text story

Satana, Exiter (her familiar, a cat), Michael Heron (an ex-priest), Monsignor James Cruz, the N'garai (Elder God demons)

Walking home from working at the hospital, Michael Heron is forced down a dark alley by Exiter to find a badly beaten Satana. As Heron tries to aid Satana, one of her attackers returns to finish the job. Exiter kills him.
Heron takes Satana back to his apartment where she quickly heals after draining the life from the night porter of the building. Heron himself resists Satana's call. Leaving to get the paper, Heron sees the elevator open to reveal Jimmy Cruz and his Green Berets, a force assembled to take the war to Satan. Heron tries to shield Satana, and is instead kidnapped by Cruz while Satana locks herself in Heron's apartment.
Satana quickly finds one of Cruz's men and forces him to reveal where they have taken Heron. Exiter gets there first and pays the price. Cruz summons one of the N'garai which makes short work of the cat. Satana soon arrives and drains Cruz of his life. Saddened and angered at the loss of her familiar, Satana maddeningly tries to steal Heron's soul yet he barely breaks her grip. She leaves in shock.

4th Story
by Gerry Conway and Yong Montano

A post nuclear war story. A soldier finally realizes his family has been lost and turns on his own general as the true enemy of peace. Probably not canon.

5th Story
by Doug Moench and Sonny Trinidad

Gabriel Rosetti, Desadia, Satan, Mr and Mrs Chesterton

Flying on a chartered jet, responding to a call for aid from a Mrs Chesterton in England, Gabriel and Desadia are attacked by Satan. Satan briefly possessess Gabriel before he is forced out, but then causes the pilot of the plane to strangle himself with his own hands. Gabriel is able to save the plane and come down without crashing.
Driving out to the Chesterton estate, Desadia is possessed by Satan until she is knocked senseless by Gabriel. Reaching the estate, Gabriel discovers that Mr Chesterton has left for Stonehenge and follows him there just in time to witness a black mass. When Gabriel arrives, Satan possesses the body of Chesterton and destroys all the Satanists present. Gabriel casts Satan out through the power of his love for Desadia and for Satan himself.

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Re: Haunt of Horror #4

Post by vanhornluke » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:18 pm

Why is the second story "probably not canon"? Because it doesn't feature any characters who appear elsewhere? Why would that be a reason for thinking the story isn't 616?

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Re: Haunt of Horror #4

Post by Col_Fury » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:25 pm

I think it's a matter of terminology. I'm sure the second story likely does take place on Earth-616, but since all of the characters die in their only appearance (is anyone even named?), there's pretty much nothing for the MCP to list. For our purposes, it's largely academic.

Having said that, the fourth (post-nuclear war) story fairly obviously does not occur on Earth-616, so it's not like it's a given that all stories in this series are Earth-616 stories.
-Daron Jensen

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