X-Men Origins: Deadpool #1

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X-Men Origins: Deadpool #1

Post by Col_Fury » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:35 pm

X-MEN ORIGINS: DEADPOOL #1 (September 2010)
By Duane Swierczynski & Leandro Fernandez

Deadpool (also in fbs), Vanessa Carlyle (in fb), Deadpool’s mom (in fb) & dad (also in fb), Weapon X scientists (in fb), writers, Hollywood producers, bystanders

Deadpool interviews writers (4:3-5, right before main story). Deadpool gets his healing powers, but he’s ugly. The scientists test out his healing powers, but are unhappy he can’t go on secret missions. He’s put in a prison until they can figure out what to do with him, but he escapes (7-12). Deadpool returns to mercenary work, but now has a costume and a mask (13:1-13:2). Deadpool is assigned to kill Cable (13:3-13:4, repeats NM 98). “Wade Wilson” is a mercenary who took jobs where he thought the target deserved it, and had a girlfriend (Vanessa) in Boston; he learns he has cancer. She wants to help but he leaves her, and eventually hears about experimental treatments in Canada (14:4-17). Young Deadpool’s dad leaves his family and his mother becomes a drunk. Eventually, young Deadpool runs away and joins the US Army (19-21:3). Deadpool fights Skrulls (21:4). Deadpool fights Wolverine (22:1-22:3). Young Deadpool waits for his dad to return (22:4).
Deadpool interviews screenwriters so he can get a movie made about himself, before Hollywood beats him to it and makes a terrible movie. He finds a writer he likes, and thirty-five months later attends the premiere. It’s terrible, so he murders all the producers and destroys the writer’s fancy new car. He then drives away and finds his dad (supposedly).

Published the same month as DP4 25, DPTU2 891, X:SECCOM 2 & DOOMWAR 6. That’s where the “35 months later” part would go. This “now” portion, which I have roughly in March/April of the year following Secret Invasion (which was around election time, so early November), so we’re looking at roughly three years BEFORE this March/April (it takes a long time to make movies, yo!). Looking at Paul B.’s calendar… somewhere after AGENTX 15 (October) and before C&DP 1 (May).

This whole thing is narrated by Deadpool. How reliable is he?

Deadpool only refers to himself as “Wade Wilson” when he’s a mercenary, and flubs it a time or two, then corrects himself. Also at the end when Deadpool finds his dad, his dad doesn’t know who “Wade” is. This SEEMS to agree with the Joe Kelly revelation that Deadpool’s not really Wade Wilson, but rather that he took the name as an alias after running into the real Wade Wilson (remember T-Ray? He’s really Wade Wilson). So that’s something.

However, C&DP 19 reveals that Deadpool’s mom died when he was a kid, and his dad died when he was a teen. Here, his dad left when he was a kid, never came back, and Deadpool ran away when his mom was still alive. And his dad’s still alive in the current day (or at least Deadpool believes he is). Oops.

Pretty much everything else covered here has already been revealed somewhere else. The Vanessa stuff in DP -1, the Weapon X stuff in DP/DEATH ’98-FB, getting a costume in DP3 35-36-FBs, meeting Cable in NM 98, etc. There may be some new bits here, but given the discrepancies in his backstory as presented here, I think we’ll have to say “unreliable narrator” and not include them.

But what about his dad still being alive in the current day, but he died in C&DP 19-FB? Well, Deadpool’s crazy. Is that really his dad at the end? He doesn’t seem to know who Deadpool is (to be fair, he’s in costume, and when he takes his mask off his face is all melted; I probably wouldn’t recognize him either).

For now it’s a question, I guess. Maybe some future comic will clarify things for us and we can revisit this.

Placement suggestions!

*XO:DP (1 - 24)
C&DP 1
*XO:DP (25 - 34)
-Daron Jensen

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