Silver Surfer #½

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Silver Surfer #½

Post by Col_Fury » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:57 am

SILVER SURFER v3 #½ (1998)
By Tom DeFalco & Ariel Olivetti

Silver Surfer, Sympiria (also in fb), alien bystanders

Symperia causes her sun to go nova in an attempt to gain great power.
Silver Surfer doesn’t know what to do about his relationship with Alicia Masters now that the Thing isn’t “dead” anymore. Flying through space thinking about it, he finds someone trapped in a sun and frees her. She says her people had to evacuate when her sun went nova, so they go to the planet where they evacuated to. She attacks the people and reveals she blew up her sun, and wants to elevate her people by eliminating the weak. Silver Surfer uses his power cosmic to take away her powers and leaves her to the population’s discretion.

Silver Surfer recalls recently meeting the Other (SS3 134), Scrier (SS3 137), Cosmic Messiah (SS3 136), Millenius (SS/T ’98) and Mephisto (SS3 137), so after all of those comics. Also, since the FF’s returned is the whole point he’s on his trip through space, after FF3 3-4 most likely (and before SS3 138, where Silver Surfer chats with Thing about Alicia).

Also, Tom DeFalco was the writer on SS3 until #136, so after that makes sense (as does the mention of all those stories).

Placement suggestions:

FF3 4
*SS3 0.5
SS3 138

SS3 0.5-FB
SS3 0.5
-Daron Jensen

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