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Wild Angels

Post by Frederic Krier » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:59 am

Marvel Top 6: Wild Angels (Marvel Italia)

„Perdute nel Cyberspazio“ („Lost in Cyberspace“)

W: Nick Vince, A: Pino Rinaldi

Chapter 1: „Un destino crudele“ („A cruel destiny“).

Pg. 1-5: „1996“. Dark Angel interrupts an experiment in Mys-TECH's Sigma Alpha Base, involving sub-atomic particles. As a result of this experiment, conducted by a „Professor Livingstone“ (that´s what DA calls him anyway), a goat-headed and winged extradimensional being with telepathic powers materializes. DA gives Livingstone ten minutes to evacuate the base, before it is destroyed as a result of the experiment. She leaves the base and takes the telepath with her.
Pg. 6-22: „24 years later“ (2020, Earth-8410). After a training session in Cyberspace, Nikki Doyle investigates a potentially lethal and therefore illegal virtual reality game. She first gets attacked by a Werewolf, and then taken captive by a group of players in a sword & sorcery setting. The group is attacked by skeletons, who resemble the extradimensional telepath from „1996“. Nikki manages to free herself and blast away the skeletons. She follows the players into a medieval castle, where they are attacked by another goat-headed being. After Nikki takes out the winged creature, the tower of the castle suddenly explodes. In Earth-8410 reality, the building in which the game takes place, is blown up as well. Detective Trout and Liddel, who monitored Nikki, lose all contact to the virtual reality, and rush to the tower to rescue Nikki and the players. While other bodies of players are burned, Nikki's and a few other players bodies remains intact. Liddel however doesn't manage to re-enter the VR game world, and believes Nikki to be dead.

Chapter 2: „Un regno perduto“ („A lost reign“)

Pg. 1-2: Scotland, „1996“. Dark Angel takes the extra-dimensional alien to her base. The alien introduces himself as Donal Ban, Prince of Guildern, and begins to tell his story.
Pg. 3-8, p2: FB. After the assassination of the king of Guildern, his advisor Mendes swears vengeance and proceeds to kill the brothers of Feren, the human nursemaid of Donal and his brother Tristum, as the presumed assassins. However, Feren reveals that Mendes himself staged the assassination of the king in order to seize the throne. She advises the two young brothers to flee, which they are forced to do as Mendes' troops storm the room. Tristum appears to be killed, but Donal finds himself transported to another reality at that same moment.
Pg. 8, p3-5: DA offers to help Donal to return to his native dimension. She is afraid that the transfer has caused a space/time warp that crosses over into multiple realities.
Pg. 9-11: New York, 2020. Liddel and Trout realize that Nikki and the other players aren't dead, but in a deep coma.
Pg. 12-22: Back in the „VR“, which now is obviously identical to Donal Ban's homeworld, Nikki and the other players are confronted by Tristum, who believes them to be agents of Mendes. After a brief fight, they manage however to convince him that this is not the case. The reality in which they're in seemingly becomes unstable, as walls suddenly disappear and the royal castle appears on a mountain top. They decide to climb up to the castle, but are attacked by Mendes' troops. One of the players is killed, Nikki and the rest are taken captive.

Chapter 3: „In altri mondi“ („In other worlds“)

Pg. 1-8, p3: DA and Donal arrive in Guildern. Meanwhile, Mendes interrogates Tristum and his other captives and kills another one of the players.
Pg. 8, p4 - pg. 13: Back on Earth-8410, Trout and Liddel find that two of the players have died under mysterious circumstances. A salvage squad proceeds to evacuate the remaining players, but already the first evacuation fails, as a policeman and a still unconscious player are struck by an energy bolt and fall to their deaths.
Pg. 14-22: In Guildern, the player that was killed on Earth-8410 simply disappears. Mendes releases some bees as a means to torture his captives, and leaves. At the same time, DA and Donal fight their way into the castle and free Feren. They find Donal, Nikki and the others as they are attacked by the bees. Using her powers, DA frees the captives. Nikki and DA swiftly defeat Mendes' men. As Nikki introduces herself to DA, they realize how fragile the borders between different space/time-continua has become. Mendes, who watches the scene from afar, is intrigued: could there be more than one world to conquer?

Chapter 4: „Nelle fauci del nemico“ („In the jaws of the enemy“)

Pg. 1-6: While having dinner with Tristum and Donal, DA, Nikki and the two remaining players are once again attacked by troops loyal to Mendes; they manage to defeat them rather easily. Mendes, who still watches them from afar, loses his temper and kills his wife Isis.
Pg. 7-9: Back in New York, 2020, Liddel and Trout still try to evacuate Nikki and the two players, but are knocked out by another explosion. They are rescued by a helicopter just before the building entirely collapses.
Pg. 10-16: Mendes somehow manages to make a five-headed, giant monster appear from nowhere, which kills his concubine Imacolata. While Nikki and the players stay behind, DA confronts the monster with Tristum and Donal. Donal seemingly gets killed by the creature. Back in the castle, Nikki and the others are stopped by Mendes, who kills the player „Maklin“, and captures „Stella“ (a Red Sonja-lookalike). Immediately afterwards, Liddel materializes for a few seconds, baffling Nikki.
Pg. 17-18: Liddel and Trout wake up in a hospital; Liddel realizes that Nikki is still somewhere in the VR net, since he saw her in a dream.
Pg. 19-21: DA telepathically finds out that the monster is not an enemy, but was forced by Mendes to attack them. Tristum is accepted as king by the soldiers after the monster is pacified. As the defeated Mendes threatens to slash „Stella“'s throat, he is stabbed in the back by Nikki. DA, Nikki and „Stella“ return to to their respective realities.
Pg. 22: Nikki and „Stella“ wake up on Earth-8410, and are welcomed by Liddel.

Apart from a few unnamed scientists from Mys-TECH and their research objects, only two 616 characters appear here: Dark Angel and the Mys-TECH operative „Prof. Livingstone“.

DG 4



In Earth-8410 continuity, this supposedly takes place after the last published issue of Wild Thing (#7) and the as yet unpublished Red Mist 2020 crossover.
The identities of the VR players are never revealed, names such as "Stella" refer to their avatar.

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Re: Wild Angels

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