Wolverine: First Class #2

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Wolverine: First Class #2

Post by wolframbane » Thu May 01, 2008 12:40 am

Wolverine: First Class #2
June 2008
"Surprise!!" (22 pages)
Characters: Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Prof X, Colossus, Storm, Angel, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Mariko Yashida, Dazzler (BTS), Sabertooth

(1-4) One day. Kitty asks all the X-Men to drive her and her friends to a Dazzler concert "in just a couple of weeks." She hacks the prof's computer and finds out Logan's birthday is soon.
(5-21) One day. The X-Men give Logan a surprise party sometime after W:FC 2 (1-4). Logan, Mariko and Kitty go out to dinner in Tribeca. They clash with Sabertooth, who Kitty blows up with a gas line.
(22) One day. Logan chaffeurs Kitty and her friends to the Dazzler concert, "a couple of weeks" after W:FC 2 (1-4), with "Saturday April 19th" printed on the tickets.

Placement notes:
Kitty is in dance class, so after UX 139.
Angel is still with the team, so before UX 148.
Kitty Pryde may or may not have assumed her codename.
Wolverine is not shown in costume, despite his brown uniform on the cover.
Mariko gets a call from Tokyo ("when I come back, I want you to tell me exactly what it is that's troubling you.")

Calendar notes:
W:FC 1 was stated as having occurred "August 20". Paul B's calender places in in later September.
W:FC 2 (22) occurs "Saturday April 19th," W:FC 2 (1-4) occurs "a couple of weeks" before.
W:FC 2 (5-21) occurs during Logan's birthday. Sabertooth has stalked Logan on his birthday also in W2 10-FB (he attacked Silver Fox in "winter"), CX 10/2 (shortly after he joined the X-Men, "late May' according to the X-Men Index #5), and W2 10 ("March" or so according to Paul B's calendar).