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Logan 1-3

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 8:45 pm
by Col_Fury
Logan #1
May, 2008

Wolverine(Logan), Lt. Ethan Warren, Atsuko-FB

Wolverine strolls through Japan when he’s attacked by a flaming skeleton.
Cpl. Logan wakes up in a Japanese POW camp and meet Lt. Ethan Warren. They break themselves out and eventually come across a young lady. Warren wants to kill her, but Logan feels it isn’t necessary. He fights Warren off and he goes with Atsuko to her place, where she offers herself to him as thanks for saving her life.

In the current day, Wolverine is wearing his Astonishing uniform. In the past, it’s WWII in Hiroshima…

Logan #2
June, 2008

Wolverine(Logan), Lt. Ethan Warren, Atsuko-FB

Wolverine and the flaming skeleton fight.
It’s the morning after for Logan and Atsuko, when Lt. Warren breaks in and shoots Logan in the face. Atsuko puts up a fight, but Warren kills her, and Logan gets up and fights. Logan discovers that Warren can heal like he can, and as they continue to fight, the bomb is dropped. After the mushroom cloud clears Logan is still standing, but his skin and intestines are missing.

Well then. 6 August, 1945 it is.

Logan #3
July, 2008

Wolverine(Logan), Lt. Ethan Warren, Atsuko-FB

Wolverine and the flaming skeleton, Lt. Ethan Warren, fight.
Pg6-pg10: Between issue 1 & issue 3 Flashbacks
Logan and Atsuko fool around.
Warren rips out Wolverine’s heart and eats it. Once he does, he somehow regrows his flesh. Wolverine decapitates him, which seems to kill him. He passes out and chats with Atsuko’s spirit, who offers to erase his memories of her and Hiroshima. He refuses, and wakes up.

The implication seems to be that Lt. Warren should be called ‘Fallout’, but he’s never called that.

Since Wolverine gets his heart ripped out, I’ll say this should go before W3 57-61, where he loses the ability to survive wounds like that.

Not surprisingly, this mini was more effective than almost every issue of Wolverine: Origins.

Logan: Shadow Society is abbreviated as L: SS here, and Logan: Path of the Warlord is abbreviated as L: PW, and look! L is open. So I’ll suggest L.

A placement suggestion:


W2 78-FB (06/06/44)
*L 1-FB
*L 3-FB
*L 2-FB (08/06/45)

W2 103-FB