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Mighty Avengers 13

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 10:56 pm
by Col_Fury
Mighty Avengers #13
July, 2008

Nick Fury, Daisy Johnson, Ares, Phobos(Alex), Yo Yo Rodriguez, J.T., Layla Miller, Jerry Sledge, son of Dr. Druid

Pg1-pg3: Portland, Oregon
Disguised, Nick Fury meets Daisy Johnson in Oregon. After a chat, he explains that he’s pulling his caterpillar file and assembling a team of unknown super-people. She then gives him a hard time over his disguise.
Pg4-pg8: the Bronx
Ares yells at his son Alex for not coming straight home after school… and mentions that he’s an Avenger now. After he leaves Daisy Johnson arrives and recruits Alex, after pointing out that since he’s the son of Ares, he’s Phobos God of Fear.
Pg9-pg12: Puerto Rico
Yo Yo Rodriguez discovers she has super speed powers. Daisy arrives and they chat about Yo Yo’s dad Johnny Horton, the Griffin, and Daisy recruits her.
Pg13-pg16: Atlanta, Georgia
In a convenience store, Daisy chats with J.T. about shoplifters and minimum wage. She asks to see his powers, and he charges up a chain and makes it explode. She explains that J.T. is the grandson of the Phantom Rider and recruits him.
Pg17: Mutant Town
Daisy is greeted by Layla Miller at the door of X-Factor Investigations. Layla explains that they will fail with her, they won’t without her. Besides, she’s needed later for the mutants. Daisy doesn’t recruit Layla.
Pg18-pg19: Greenwich Village, New York
Dr. Druid’s son is trying to get ahold of Dr. Strange, but he’s not home. Daisy catches up with him, having been looking for him in Hawaii, and recruits him.
Pg20: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Daisy picks up Jerry Sledge in a holding cell in Minneapolis.
Pg21-pg22: Fury’s safehouse
Daisy presents the recruits to Fury, who explains that he’s the Boss.

Last issue ended during Civil War, and now we’re past it and the opening arc of Mighty Avengers as well, thanks to Ares being an Avenger now. We’re also before Messiah CompleX, thanks to Layla Miller.

I find it hilarious that when Fury disguises himself, he’s still wearing his eyepatch. Hilarious and AWESOME.

Oh no! Fury’s wall of suspects now has Iron Man circled in blue!

Re: Mighty Avengers 13

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 8:47 am
by Paul Bourcier
This story should occur over the course of a week or two. The narrative notes that it transpires "six months ago." I can only assume the reference point is the SECRET INVASION series.