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RED RAVEN COMICS #1/7 (Eternal Brain)

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 1:59 am
by wolframbane
August 1940
No title given (8 pages)

Characters: Eternal Brain (Professor William Carmody), Mary Carmody, Jim Fitzpatrick
Villains: Ulan Bator, Peg-Leg Martin

William Carmody, a scientist building upon the decades old secret work of aviator Charles Lindbergh, develops the means to keep organic brains alive after physical death. Having preserved the brain of a living dog for five years, Carmody and his assistant Jim Fitzpatrick prepare to adapt the technology to human needs. Forming a worldwide criminal network, Ulan Bator, the self-styled "Emperor of Mongolia," becomes obsessed with Carmody's daughter Mary, and has his gangster associate Peg-Leg Martin abduct her, shooting Carmody in the process. The dying professor instructs Fitzpatrick to transplant his brain to a life support system, and he becomes the Eternal Brain, developing numerous mental powers and communicating through a "telepathy receptor." Carmody accompanies Fitzpatrick on their rocketship to Bator's citadel in Chinese Turkistan and they successfully rescue Mary. After Carmody telepathically causes their criminal forces to revolt, Bator and Martin are forced to destroy their followers and flee in their own vessel, but are subsequently pursued and shot down by Carmody and Fitzpatrick.

Although published in 1940, this story occurs in the far flung future year of 1980.

Eternal Brain, Mary Carmody and Jim Fitzpatrick later appear in Marvel: The Lost Generation.

The MCP mistakenly lists the Eternal Brain's first appearance as RED RAVEN 9, it was actually issue #1/7. There was no issue #9, the series became Human Torch Comics with issue #2.

RED RAVEN COMICS 1/7 is partially retold in M/:LG 9 (3:3-5)-FB.

The Eternal Brain summoned by the Destiny Force in AVF 11-12 is presumably from an alternate Earth (OHOTMU5 4).

Ulan Bator (or Ulaanbaatar) is also the name of the capital of Mongolia.

Placement suggestions:

{RED RAVEN COMICS 1/7} ~ M/:LG 9 (3:3-5)-FB
M/:LG 9

{RED RAVEN COMICS 1/7} ~ M/:LG 9 (3:3-5)-FB
M/:LG 9
M/:LG 10
M/:LG 11
{M/:LG 12}

{RED RAVEN COMICS 1/7} ~ M/:LG 9 (3:3-5)-FB
M/:LG 9