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MYSTIC COMICS Vol. 1 #3-4 (Hercules)

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 3:00 am
by wolframbane
June 1940
"The Origin of Hercules" (7 pages)

Hercules (David, first name unrevealed; not to be confused with Olympian demigod Hercules)
Dr. David (Hercules' father; dies)
Bobbie Drew (reporter for the Daily Globe)
Two circus owners

Dr. David, an idealistic master of science, departs from civilization to raise his infant son to become a perfect physical and mental specimen on the secluded Snow Island in the arctic. Due to the harsh climate and physical labor, the highly intelligent child develops both incredible strength and a height of ten feet. The doctor eventually dies, and after twenty years on the island, the young man encounters two men who are investigating rumors of a "wild giant" on the island. Deciding to abduct him to become an attraction for their circus, the men subdue the giant using gas bombs and return to America with him, placing him in their freak show under the name of "Hercules." The naive rather complacent Hercules is later interviewed by Bobbie Drew of the newspaper Daily Globe, when a wild bull escapes from the menagerie and charges at the reporter. After Hercules rescues her by breaking the bull's neck, Bobbie suggests that he leave the circus and pursue something more than being a circus freak. The circus owners attempt to prevent his departure at gunpoint, but Hercules swiftly disarms them and leaves with Bobbie. A nearby dam suddenly breaks, threatening to kill hundreds within the valley, but Hercules manages to rapidly construct a makeshift dam using logs and large stones, which is reinforced with the arrival of emergency crews. After Bobbie informs him of crime in town, Hercules decides to oppose the criminal element.

Bobbie Drew works for the newspaper Daily Globe, which is still operating in the modern age (FF 2) under editor Barney Bushkin (ASM 27).

August 1940
"Earthquake" (7 pages)

Characters: Hercules
Lemo (a mad scientist; dies)

Residing at the circus, Hercules encounters the mad scientist Lemo, who has constructed powerful electrical weaponry and a "mechanical monster," an underground tank capable of causing powerful earthquakes. After the scientist abducts Hercules and attempts to perform surgery upon his brain to transform the gigantic man into his slave, Hercules opposes his scheme and battles Lemo, who is slain when the hero destroys both his tank and his estate.

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