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Wolverine: Dangerous Games 1

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:36 am
by Col_Fury
Wolverine: Dangerous Games #1
August, 2008

Wolverine, Sir Damien Spencer

Pg1: Louisiana
Wolverine sneaks up on a guy on a hovercart, he’s followed by dogs.
Pg2-pg3-FB: two days ago
Wandering around New Orleans, Wolverine gets into a bar fight and is given a ride by a helpful stranger. The stranger drops him off at a camp full of hippies protesting fox hunting.
Wolverine kicks some dogs.
Pg5-FB: one day ago
Wolverine hangs out with some hippies!
Pg6-FB: this morning
The foxhunting group arrives and pisses off Wolverine, getting him revved up to teach them a lesson.
Wolverine fights some dogs and is shot at by the guy on the hovercraft.
Pg8-pg9-FB: this morning
Wolverine starts to teach the foxhunters a lesson!
Wolverine knocks the guy off his hovercart, but is shot full of tranquilizers.
Pg11-pg12-FB: earlier
Wolverine drives off the foxhunters, having taught them a lesson. The hippies celebrate and Wolverine is given some ‘moonshine’ that tastes like crap. He wanders off to find some beer.
Groggy from the tranquilizers, Wolverine makes his way back to the hippie camp.
Pg14-pg15-FB: earlier
Wolverine has found a bar and is approached by Sir Damien Spencer, who reveals he’s going to hunt him. He’s also been given a trackable compound by one of the hippies.
Wolverine vomits on the hippie, sharing the tracking scent to the dogs will chase someone else.
Pg17-pg18-FB: earlier
Sir Damien reveals he has a suit of armor and a cool hovercart. The chase is on!
The dogs attack the hippie while Wolverine watches.
Pg20-pg21-FB: just before pg1
Wolverine changes into his suit.
Wolverine attacks Sir Damien.

Full moon over Louisiana, green grass and leaves.

Wolverine’s in his astonishing suit, this could really go anywhere in his current chronology.

Wolverine: Dangerous Games #1/2

Wolverine, some monks, some gangsters

Pg1-pg10: Bangkok, Thailand
Wolverine hangs out at a Buddhist temple to put his wild side away. He’s just helped an old monk buddy of his scare off some gangsters. He meets a lady and goes back to her place, but when things get a bit too racy he heads back to the temple to clear his head. He discovers that all the monks are dead, killed by gangsters. His buddy tells him violence isn’t the answer, but Wolverine kills the gangsters after his buddy dies. He heads back to the lady’s place, who turns out to be the gangster’s boss, and kills her, too.

Green grass and leaves in Bangkok, rainy at night.

Wolverine mentions that it’s an ‘Ugly few weeks behind him’. I’m sure this is intended to mean that he’s been in Bangkok for a few weeks. However, I think this works nicely as an epilogue to the Enemy of the State/Agent of SHIELD arc from a few years back. Wolverine is here to clear his head and that seems to be an appropriate time for him to need some head clearing, having spent 'six weeks' on a Hydra hunt. If we place it there, I think we can safely fudge the ‘few weeks’ reference.