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Ghost Rider v6 24-25

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:04 pm
by Col_Fury
Ghost Rider v6 #24
August, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Deacon, Zadkiel-BTS

Pg1-pg3-FB: two years ago
The police break into a church where the priest has just killed everyone inside!
Pg4-pg22: one night
Johnny’s in a Texas prison to the surprise of the guards. Meanwhile, another guard, Bob, receives orders from Zadkiel. Johnny chats with the prison warden, which doesn’t go well. Bob opens all the cells and a riot ensues. Johnny works his way through the inmates and finds what he’s looking for: the priest who killed his congregation two years ago. Elsewhere in the prison Bob frees the Deacon, a big guy covered with religious tattoos.

There’s no concrete mention of how much time has passed, but it seems that this picks up fairly recently after the end of last issue. A week? Maybe two? That's completely a stab in the dark.

Ghost Rider v6 #25
September, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Deacon, Zadkiel-BTS

Pg1-pg4: same night as last issue
Under orders from Zadkiel, Bob gives Deacon some weapons from the Arc of Bezalel. Meanwhile, the priest explains to Johnny why he killed his congregation; they were killing people in Zadkiel’s name!
Pg5pn1(of 6)-FB: two years ago, just before issue 24-FB
The priest opens fire on his congregation.
Pg5pn2-pg22: same night as pg4
Johnny explains that he’s looking for a way into heaven so he can confront Zadkiel, the priest realizes that Johnny is a Spirit of Vengeance and tells him that Zadkiel will come for him.(Zadkiel is working to consolidate the Spirits of Vengeance) Deacon attacks and kills the priest. He and Ghost Rider fight, and the deacon is eventually beaten to death with a bible by the Ghost Rider. Bob kills himself, Ghost Rider uses his penance stare on all the rioting prisoners, the guards storm in to stop the riot to find the unconscious prisoners, and Ghost Rider drives away.

None. However, the letters page promises appearances next issue by Dan Ketch, Blackout, Death Ninja, the Orb(!), Doghead, and a surprise! Neat.

Re: Ghost Rider v6 24-25

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:47 am
by dimadick
"the Orb(!)".

Wonder if they will explain his apparent return from the dead. Orb/Drake Shannon was gunned down by Plantman simulacra in "Solo Avengers" #21 (August, 1989). Hawkeye declared him as deceased. However he made a curious cameo in "Deadline" #2 (July, 2002).

Re: Ghost Rider v6 24-25

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:20 pm
by SeanCurtin
To be fair, Hawkeye was standing several yards away at the time, never got any closer than that after he was shot, and isn't exactly a trained medical professional. His reaction was basically "The Orb's been shot, he must be dead, I'd better run or I'm dead, too!"