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Wolverine Annual #2

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:01 pm
by Col_Fury
Wolverine Annual #2
November, 2008


Pg1: New Mexico, 1938
People are digging a new well for water, but a terrible noise destroys their eardrums.
Pg2-pg18pn4(of 5): New Mexico, now
Wolverine wanders into a New Mexico town looking for a beer, but he can’t find anyone around to sell him one. He looks around a bit and is attacked by a giant coyote-monster, who’s roar destroys his eardrums. He stabs it and it runs off, and once his healing factor repairs his ears he looks for people. After finding a lot of dead bodies, he comes across a house where someone is singing. She’s deaf, but she tells him a story anyway.
Pg18pn5-pg20pn4-FB: New Mexico, 1938
The deaf lady as a young girl could find water. She leads some men to a spot and when they start digging, a giant coyote-monster roars and destroys all their eardrums. They quickly re-bury the thing.
Pg20pn5(of 6)-pg21pn1: New Mexico, now
The old lady continues her story.
Pg21pn2(of 5) -FB: New Mexico, June
The town has run out of well water, so a geologist has come by to find more.
Pg21pn3-pg22-FB: later
He picks out the spot where the lady had found the monster as a girl, and she begs him not to drill, but he does anyway. The monster is let loose and starts killing everyone in town.
Pg23-pg29: New Mexico, now
Wolverine puts on his suit and hunts the coyote-monster. He finds and disembowels it, but there’s a child inside.
Pg30-pg31-FB: old west
The boy’s Native American family was massacred by cowboys, so he prayed to a Navajo spirit and was granted a means for revenge by becoming a giant coyote-monster.
Pg32-pg35: New Mexico, now
Wolverine puts the kid out his misery and lets people know that the monster is gone. Once help arrives he wanders out of town.

Wolverine is wearing his Astonishing suit. Since the recent Flashback was in June, I’m assuming the main story occurs in July.

Similar to last year's Wolverine Annual: Deathsong, this was solicited as Wolverine: Roar #1, but neither the cover nor indicia have ‘Roar’ on or in them. It does, however, say Annual #2, so I’ll suggest the abbreviation W@ 2.

A breakdown:

W@ 2 (30-31)-FB: old west
W@ 2 (18:5-19:1)-FB: 1938
W@ 2 (1:1-1:2)-FB: same day
W@ 2 (19:2)-FB: same day
W@ 2 (1:3-1:4)-FB: same day
W@ 2 (19:3-19:5)-FB: same day
W@ 2 (1:5-1:6)-FB: same day
W@ 2 (20:1-20:4)-FB: same day, 1938
W@ 2 (21:2-22)-FB: June(late, maybe a Monday)
W@ 2 (21:3-22)-FB: July(early)
W@ 2 (2-18:4): shortly afterwards
W@ 2 (20:5-21:1): same day
W@ 2 (23-29): same day
W@ 2 (32-35): same day

Wolverine does not appear in any FlashBacks. The intermixing of the 1938 stuff is purely intellectual, no characters will get any listing from them.

Re: Wolverine Annual #2

Posted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:18 pm
by Paul Bourcier
Thank you, Colonel.