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Daredevil 107-110

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:15 am
by Col_Fury
Daredevil v2 #107
July, 2008

Daredevil(Matt Murdock), Luke Cage, Dakota North, Foggy Nelson, Becky Blake, Det. Alex Kurtz, Ben Donovan, Warden(of Ossining State Penitentiary) Sykes

Daredevil is beating the tar out of two rapists when he’s interrupted by Luke Cage. Matt’s not in the mood to talk so he punches Cage, which only damages his hand, so he runs off. Cage then meets up with Dakota North and tells her what he was going to tell Matt; he needs a favor regarding “Big” Ben Donovan, a guy who’s going to the electric chair in six days for decapitating three kids, but Cage thinks he’s innocent. Dakota brings this to Foggy and Becky who talk it over. Meanwhile, Matt realizes that he wasn’t thinking when he threw a punch at Cage. Dakota talks over the Donovan case with Detective Kurtz. Dakota pays Donovan a visit and records the conversation. Afterwards, she’s attacked and warned away from Donovan. She then goes to Matt’s place and leaves the recording with him.
Pg22: next day
Matt Murdock visits Ben Donovan and tells him he wants to be his lawyer.

Matt’s still acting irrational, so probably no other appearances for him between this issue and last. Also, it hasn’t been a terribly long time since last issue, maybe a week or so.

I don’t know if it’s been stated elsewhere, but the Warden of Ryker’s name is Cole. He doesn’t appear, it’s just mentioned.

Speaking of names, Det. Kurtz now has a first name: Alex.

It starts raining in New York on page 6.

Daredevil v2 #108
August, 2008

Daredevil(Matt Murdock), Luke Cage, Dakota North, Ben Donovan, Warden Sykes, Det. Alex Kurtz, Ben Urich, Eric Slaughter, Samuel North

Pg1-pg8: same day as end of last issue
Donovan tells Matt that he’s guilty and then beats him up. Matt makes hi sway to Dakota’s place where she’s chatting with Luke Cage, and he tells them he’s taking the Donovan case.
Pg9-pg22: next day
Dakota gets the security tapes from when she was attacked, then chats with Det. Kurtz, where she finds out who it was that attacked her. Meanwhile, Matt chats with Ben Urich about Donovan’s history, the case involving the decapitated children, and the father that went missing afterwards. That night Dakota is attacked again by the same guy, but she gets the upper hand. Her attacker is a Federal agent. When she gets back to her place her father is waiting for her. Meanwhile, Daredevil beats up some thugs looking for the father of the three decapitated children. Mr. Slaughter is informed that Daredevil is looking into the Donovan case, and that night Donovan attempts to hang himself in prison.

Bare trees in New York.

Daredevil v2 #109
September, 2008

Daredevil(Matt Murdock), Dakota North, Samuel North, Foggy Nelson, Warden Sykes, Ben Donovan, Becky Blake, Turk, Eric Slaughter

Pg1-pg2: same day as end of last issue
Dakota’s dad warns her away from the Donovan case.
Pg3-pg22: next day
Matt and Foggy visit Donovan in the prison hospital. They then go back to the office and compare notes with Dakota and Becky. They decide to look into the children’s missing father and into anything that may be held over Donovan’s head. That evening Becky discovers Donovan has a son and Dakota goes to check it out, and meets Ben Donovan Jr. Meanwhile, Daredevil chats with Turk and finds out the kid’s father worked for Eric Slaughter. Daredevil tries to get some information from Slaughter but it doesn’t quite work. Across town, Dakota leaves Ben Jr. and is shot in the street.

Bare trees in New York.

Daredevil v2 #110
October, 2008

Daredevil(Matt Murdock), Eric Slaughter, Dakota North, Foggy Nelson, Becky Blake, Samuel North, Ben Donovan

Pg1-pg9: same night as end of last issue
As Slaughter’s men surround Daredevil, paramedics attend to Dakota. Daredevil escapes and makes it back to his place where a message is waiting for him on his machine: Dakota’s in the hospital. He makes hi sway there, and Foggy & Becky tell him about Donovan’s son.
Pg10-pg17: next day
Matt leaves the hospital and runs into her dad. After a heated discussion about Matt backing off of the Donovan case, Matt goes to the intersection where Dakota was shot and uses his senses to track down her shooter. He does, and confronts him: the Federal agent who attacked her twice. After beating him up he learns that the children were decapitated by Slaughter’s right hand man, and the government helped cover it up and frame Donovan because they needed Slaughter to keep an eye on incoming shipments from other countries as a matter of National Security.(Slaughter runs the shipping docks) If an investigation into one of Slaughter’s employees were to take place it could jeopardize the arrangement.
Pg18-pg22: next day
Matt visits Donovan and tells him he’s figured everything out, and he also brought his son. Donovan agrees to come forward with the truth. Later, Sam North informs Slaughter that his right hand man will confess to killing the children and where he buried their father, and that his operation will be kept under close tabs. North then informs Murdock that the Federal agent will go to prison for what he did to Dakota. Matt then visits Dakota at the hospital.

Low fog over New York.

A breakdown:

DD2 107 (1-21): day 1
DD2 107 (22): day 2
DD2 108 (1-8): day 2
DD2 108 (9-22): day 3
DD2 109 (1-2): day 3
DD2 109 (3-22): day 4
DD2 110 (1-9): day 4
DD2 110 (10-17): day 5
DD2 110 (18-22): day 6

Re: Daredevil 107-110

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:56 am
by Paul Bourcier
Colonel, you have DD2 107 divided into pages 1-11 and page 22. Should that be pages 1-21 and page 22?

Re: Daredevil 107-110

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:34 am
by Col_Fury
Yes. Sorry about that, and fixed.