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Amazing Spider-Man Family #1

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:38 pm
by michaelyuri
Amazing Spider-Man Family #1

Story #1: 48 Hours
Writer: J.M.DeMattais
Artist: Alex Cal

Characters Appearing: Liz Allen, May Parker, Spider-Man, Flash Thompson

1-2: Guests leave the Parker house after Uncle Ben's wake.

3-5: Peter, in his room, considers destroying his costume, but instead decides to be a hero. He tries to mix up a new batch of web fluid, but a small explosion results. Aunt May finds him and the two head to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

6-10: Peter leaves home as Spider-Man and comes across a purse-snatching in progress. He stops the teenage thieves, but when he tries to return the purse, the terrified owner sics her dog on him. The police arrive and try to subdue Spider-Man. He tries to web them up, but his web fluid explodes. They think he's carrying a bomb, so they start to shoot, and Spider-Man flees.

11p1-11p6: Peter returns home through his window.

11p7-13: Peter goes to school the next day. People are avoiding him because they heard about Ben's death. Flash makes fun of Peter, but Liz Allen defends him. Liz tells Peter that even though they've never really been friends she's there if he needs anything.

14-15p5: Peter comes home and finds May going through the bills. She's concerned about paying them, but tells Peter not to worry about it.

15p6-22p1: At night, Spider-Man swings out through the city. He follows firetrucks to a fire. He's initially too frightened, but an old woman is crying that her daughter and grandson are still inside, so he climbs the building. Spider-Man saves the daughter and grandson and then returns to save everyone else left in the building. People start asking him who he is and he swings off. He stops on a building to vomit.

22p2-22p6: The next morning, May tells Peter that she knows he was out all night, but she doesn't need to know where he was. Peter is now feeling better about himself.

Continuity Notes:
I don't know how (or whether) this fits into Peter's existing chronology, but here are the obvious placement clues:
The story starts immediately after Uncle Ben's wake.
It's implied (but not explicitly stated) that Peter's foray on page 6 is his first ever attempt at crime-fighting.
The title and flow of the story imply that it happens continuously over three days (rough division: day one:1-5, day two:6-15p5, day three:15p6-22p6).


Story #2: The Final Chapter! [Marvel Apes]
Story: Karl Kesel
Art: Ramon Bachs

Characters Appearing: Ape X, Spider-Monkey/Peter Parker
In Flashback: Doc Ook, Green Goblin, Kongpin, Lizard, Ben Parker, May Parker, Sandmonk, Spider-Monkey, Mary Jane Watson

1-5: Spider-Monkey is trapped under tons of metal in Doc Ook's underwater hideout. He uses all of his strength and thinks he has lifted it, only to find that Ape X actually lifted it off. Ape X tells him that Doc Ook is on a rampage, and the two leave to chase him down.

2p3: While Peter and other students are attending a science demonstration, a radioactive spider slips into his banana bunch.
2p4: At home, the spider bites him.
2p5: Spider-Monkey becomes a media sensation.
2p6: Peter and May mourn after Uncle Ben's death.
3p1: Peter tracks down Ben's killer.
3p2: Secretly being Spider-Monkey gets in the way of his relationships with May and Mary Jane.
3p3: Peter battles the Green Goblin, Lizard, Sandmonk, and Kongpin.
3p4: Doc Ook escapes with the serpeant crown, leaving Spider-Monkey trapped under the metal.

Continuity Notes:
This story takes place immediately before the battle with Doc Ook in Marvel Apes #1.


Story #3: Family Ties! [MC-2]
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Ron Frenz
Inks: Sal Buscema

Characters Appearing: Martha Connors, Lizard, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson-Parker
In flashback: Billy Connors, Martha Connors, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson-Parker

1-2: Spider-Man battles the Lizard in the sewers.

3-5: (Flashback) Peter and Mary Jane prepare to go out with the Curt and Martha Connors. Baby May is asleep in her crib. At the Connors apartment, Martha tells them that Curt isn't home. She tells them that she and Billy have been sick from the water at their Everglades home, and Curt is working on a solution. The Parkers leave to look or Curt. They arrive at his lab and find it smashed. His lab notebook indicates that Connors's cure would be harmful to lizards, and Peter infers that this knowledge caused Curt to turn into the Lizard. Mary Jane gives him the OK to go after Connors as Spider-Man.

6-9: Spider-Man and the Lizard battle in the sewers. Meanwhile, Mary Jane reassures Martha that Curt and Peter will be home soon. Peter convinces the Lizard that Connors doesn't mean the lizards any harm and Connors reverts to human form.

10: At home, Peter tells MJ that Connors is going back to the drawing board with his cure and Peter's going to work with him on it.

Continuity Notes:
This story takes place after May is returned to the Parkers by Kaine, but before Peter's battle with Norman Osborn in which he loses his leg. Unfortunately, in the original telling, the final showdown with Norman happened almost immediately after May's return. I've shoehorned this between the flashbacks in Spider-Girl #49. It's awkward, but, on the assumption that Mary Jane didn't immediately tell Peter about Kaine's intention to kill Norman Osborn, it works.

Chronology entries:
ASMF = Amazing Spider-Man Family

*Connors, Billy
*ASMF 1-3-FB

*Connors, Martha
*ASMF 1-3-FB
*ASMF 1/3

*Lizard/Curt Connors
*ASMF 1/3

SG 48-FB (9:4-9:5)
SG 49-FB (1:2, 1:4, 1:6, 7:4)
SG 48-FB (19:1)
*SG 49-FB (14:3-14:4)
*ASMF 1-3-FB
*ASMF 1/3
*SG 49-FB (16:3-16:4)
WI?2 105-FB (7:4)
SG 7/2-FB (5:2-5:5)
SG 54-FB (10:3)
. . .

. . .
SG 7/2-FB (3:5)
SMF 1-FB (4-9)
SG 44-FB (15:3)
*ASMF 1-3-FB
*ASMF 1/3
SG 49-FB (16:3-16:4)
WI?2 105-FB (7:4)
SG 49-FB (16:5-17:4)
. . .

Watson-Parker, Mary Jane
. . .
SG 44-FB (13:3)
SG 7/2-FB (3:5)
SG 48-FB (9:2, 10:5-10:6, 19:1)
*SG 49-FB (14:3-14:4)
*ASMF 1-3-FB
*ASMF 1/3
*SG 49-FB (16:2-16:3)
WI?2 105-FB (7:4)
SG 7/2-FB (5:2-6)
SG 54-FB (10:3)
. . .


Story #4: Birthday Girl
Writer/Inker: Keith Champagne
Penciler: Shawn Moll

Characters Appearing: May Parker, Mister Negative/Martin Li, Spider-Man

1-2: At the F.E.A.S.T. center, Aunt May and others prepare a birthday party for a young girl named Samantha. May is worried because Samantha hasn't returned from her scavenger hunt yet and goes looking for her.

3-4: At the local grocery, May catches a boy shoplifting, and learns from the owner that Samantha left there 20 minutes earlier.

5-6: May learns that Samantha never made it to the hat store. Kyle tells her that he saw her run away after a man tried to talk to her.

7-11: May finds Samantha in an alley with her father Kenneth, who is singing happy birthday. May says that there's a court order preventing him from seeing Samantha. He gets angry and May pulls out a can of pepper spray. Spider-Man swings down to intervene, but May sprays him in the face and he swings off. May warns Kenneth against making his situation worse. Samantha thanks him for remembering her birthday and then leaves with May. On the way back to the Center they meet up with a teary eyed Peter.

Continuity Notes:
This story clearly takes place within the current Brand New Day continuity.
May mentions Peter's "roommate Vincent," which places this after he moved in with Vin.

I believe all the rest of the people in this story (Horace, Mr. Egg, Kyle, Samantha, Kenneth Charles) are one-off characters who don't need listings.


Story #5: Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #300
ASM 300 is already in the MCP


Re: Amazing Spider-Man Family #1

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:09 am
by Paul Bourcier
Thanks for submitting this analysis, Mike. I'll work on it this weekend, but if anyone has any comments in the meantime, please post 'em.

Re: Amazing Spider-Man Family #1

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:07 am
by cweed4
With regards to the first story in ASMF 1 it sounds like the beginning fits here-

ASM 400/3 [this story takes place the morning after Ben is killed]
WTS 12-FB [1 pg FB to the wake]
ASMF 1 (1-11:6)
AAF 16 (3-6) [at home w/ May the night before(?) Ben's funeral]

It was established in PPTSS 60/2 that Ben's funeral was within 48 hours of his death. This does seem to conflict with the idea that this story is taking place on continuous days. In order to accomodate the funeral, maybe his first day back to school here is a day or two later than michaelyuri suggests?

Now, it should be noted that I haven't read this story yet and I'm just going off the review. However, it does sound like the same basic idea from AF 16 and covers a lot of the same ground. In that story, Peter is consoled by Liz at school the day after Ben's funeral. He comes home to find May dealing with finacial trouble. (This time its about having to pay for some new furniture that Ben ordered before his death.) Peter goes to his room, throws his mask in frustration, blames his decision to be Spidey for all these troubles and then broods until...he goes web-swinging. Then he stumbles across the same furniture salesman that was with May earlier and thinks something is fishy. He follows the guy to a warehouse and discovers the whole thing is a con to swindle grieving widows/widowers. One thing leads to another and suddenly Spidey has broken up this scheme and leaves the crooks webbed up for the police. To top it off he stops a mugging while swinging home. Now, quite pleased with himself, he has an epiphany: this is "how I can use my powers responsibly." He then arrives home and shares some cookies w/ May.

Because so much of this new story seems to repeat stuff from the earlier one I would suggest adding more space between time references to accomodate both. There is no continued story from AAF 16 to AAF 17 so it would be easy to fit the rest of ASMF 1 between those two entries. Whether you're using my Spidey origin or the current listing, that would make it-

PPTSS 60/2 (17:6)
SPECSM 1/2 (10:4)
AAF 16
ASMF 1 (11:7-22)
AAF 17