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AGE OF SENTRY #3 (w/ Millie the Model)

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:16 am
by wolframbane
Here are links to my reviews for AOS 1-2. ... f=9&t=4048 ... f=9&t=4053

January 2009
"Sentry Vs. Mountain Man"
10 pages

Characters: Sentry (Robert Reynolds), Burton DuBois, Harrison Oogar, Professor Hugo Cornelius (BTS)
Mountain Man (Junior Hawler) and his family (Jake, Paw Easter, Ellie Easter)

(1:2-1:3) A planet explodes in space, and a chunk of rock drifts through space "for thousands of years."
(2) In the Ozarks, hillbillies Junior and Jake are night fishing. A shooting star lands in the lake, and Junioer drinks radioactive water. Nighttime. Full trees in Ozarks. A waning crescent moon is visible; although Junior would later say this was "under the full moon," he did drink a whole jug of "corn-squeezins" and he was probably drunk.
(3:1-3:2) At the offices of Excelsior Encyclopedia, Burton DuBois sends Robert Reynolds to the Ozarks to investigate strange occurrances. Rob flies there as Sentry. Daytime, green trees. Same day as (3:3-10:4), probably two days after (2).
(3:3-10:4) Arriving in the Ozarks, Rob learns from the Durleys (who have been feuding with the Hawlers for years) that Junior is responsible for the strange occurrences. Junior (now Mountain Man) battles Sentry and reveals he got superhuman strength from drinking the radioactive water. After an hour of fighting, Junior exhausts his power is knocked out. After Paw Easter says that Sentry has to now marry his daughter Ellie (the Code of the Hills), Sentry gets out of it by building a giant sieve and panning a massive amount of gold from their river, then gets Harrison Oogar (the caveman of Wall Street) to invest the money for them. He then retrieves the meteorite to give to Professor Cornelius. Daytime, green trees in Ozarks. Junior got his powers "t'other night," so probably two days after (2).
(10:5) Back at Excelsior Encyclopedia, Rob reports to DuBois. Probably same day as (3:3-10:4).

Placement: Sentry mentions "my pal Ben Grimm," so after SENTRY/FF 1-FB.
Notes: Burton DuBois, editor of the Excelsior Encyclopedia, was also seen in AOS 1. Harrison Oogar was also seen in AOS 2.
Sentry notes the initials "E E" keep appearing to him, such as Excelsior Encyclopedia, Emcee Escher, Ellie Easter, Elizabeth Edam. This is similar to the initials "L L" appearing to Superman.

AGE OF SENTRY #3/2 (AOS 3/2)
No title given
1 page
Characters: Unnamed father, mother and son

(1) After his father falls asleep reading him Sentry comics (seen in AOS 1 and AOS 2/2), the son gets his mother to read him a Sentry story from an issue of Millie the Model.

AGE OF SENTRY #3/3 (AOS 3/3)
"She Loved A Monster"
10 pages

Characters: Sentry (Robert Reynolds), Burton DuBois (BTS), Lindy Lee, Thing (in FB), Human Torch (in FB)
Millie the Model, Chili Storm, Toni Turner, Howard "Harry" Hanover, Clicker Holbrook
Manoo, Gtt-Chow, Warloo

(1:2-2:2) Rob gets home from work, after his boss Dubois gave him a bonus for fact checking an article. His equipment detects trouble right here in New York. After "a hard day's work," so probably late afternoon. The entire story appears to occur during one day.
(2:3) Sentry flies to meet with his friend Manoo, an interstellar policeman. Daytime.
(2:4)-FB Sentry and Manoo first meet and fight off an invasion of Thought-Lizards. Flashback.
(2:5)-FB Sentry and Manoo team with Thing and Human Torch to battle Fin Fang Foom. Flashback occurred "just last month."
(3) Sentry meets Manoo in a park. Manoo reveals he is love with the alien Gtt-Chow, and wants Sentry to teach him about women. Daytime, green trees and grass, flowers in bloom.
(4-5) Sentry and Manoo go to the Hanover Agency, where they meet with Millicent Collins (Millie the Model), who takes them around the city discussing how Manoo can win Gtt-Chow. There are appearances by Chili Storm (her rival), Toni Turner (her best friend), Harry Hanover (her boss) and an unnamed photographer, probably her boyfriend Clicker Holbrook, all characters from her original series. Daytime, green trees.
(6-7) As Sentry, Manoo and Millie walk through a park, Manoo sees Gtt-Chow having a picnic with another alien, Warloo. Manoo and Warloo get into a scuffle, and Gtt-Chow leaves with Warloo. Daytime, green trees and grass.
(8:1-8:4) While they are at a malt shoppe discussing events, Manoo realizes that Warloo is an interstellar weapons dealer, and Gtt-Chow is the daughter of Fartook Nb-Chow, this galactic sector's Ringbearer for the Sentinels of the Stratospheres!!! Sentry, Manoo and Millie rush to save her.
(8:5-9) Sentry, Manoo and Millie enter the Nb-Chow mansion across town. Manoo knocks out Warloo and tells Gtt-Chow he loves her. Probably daytime; the dark skies are probably just overcast, as shortly after it appears as daytime again on (10).
(10) Later, Manoo and Gtt-Chow are at the malt shoppe together. Millie gives Sentry a peck on the cheek and leaves. Lindy Lee sees this, yells at Sentry and leaves. Daytime, green trees and grass.

Placement: Sentry recalls working alongside Thing and Human Torch, and his communication equipment was "designed by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four," so after SENTRY/FF 1-FB.

AOS 3/3 (2:3)-FB has Sentry wearing a different costume (blue shorts, yellow sleeveless shirt, blue boots, yellow forearm bracers and lower leg armor, blue cape, blue cowl with his hair exposed). This is probably his first costume (assumed sometime after AOS 1 (7-9:3)) and occurs very early in his career before he adopts his second uniform worn through the AOS series.

The clash with Fin Fang Foom in AOS 3/3 (2:5)-FB could have been the undepicted battle when Foom was defeated by the Fantastic Four and banished to Monster Island, as referenced in Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four #1 (December, 2005).

Millie mentions that Toni Turner has gotten married, probably to her fiance Burt Chesney, "suave international espionage agent," who first appeared in Millie the Model #142 (October 1966). A caption says this happened in Millie the Model Queen-Sized Special #6 (to my knowledge, there is no such issue).

Re: AGE OF SENTRY #3 (w/ Millie the Model)

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:10 am
by Somebody
As I said in the thread on The Age of the Sentry #2, I think this miniseries is unplaceable until AGESENTRY 6 comes out. There are too many reasons, between the framing sequence and the ending to AGESENTRY 2/2, to think that these stories aren't occurring in the "real" MU past, but are either a mindwarp being pulled on the present-day Sentry or are fictional-within-the-MU stories, to definitively say "This takes place between issues X and Y" as things stand.

Re: AGE OF SENTRY #3 (w/ Millie the Model)

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:58 am
by wolframbane
True enough Somebody. Its all just idle speculation at this point, but no harm in hypothesizing possible placements, especially if it ends up being canon after all/

Re: AGE OF SENTRY #3 (w/ Millie the Model)

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:25 am
by Paul Bourcier
Age of Sentry #4 has clearly relegated the "Silver Age" portions of this series to non-616 status. (Blonde Phantom replacing Cap as chair of the Avengers?) I'm thinking these are stories from comic books published on Earth-616. The question remains about whether the framing sequences are canonical Earth-616 scenes.

Re: AGE OF SENTRY #3 (w/ Millie the Model)

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:07 pm
by rider
According to the master list at, the Age of Sentry is not continuity and is designated as Earth-161.