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Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:57 am
by Col_Fury
Eternals v4 #1
Eternals Annual v2 #1
Eternals v4 #2
September, 2008

Druig, Legba, & at least 9 other Eternals in Vorozheika, Dreaming Celestial(Tiamut), Ajak, Anthem-VO, Supernaut, Calamity, Veda, Makkari, Iron Man(Tony Stark), Sersi, Ikaris, Thena, Joey Eliot, Unit 2934.78, Zuras

In Vorozheika, Druig and Legba chat it up with a roomful of Eternals that Druig has awakened. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Ajak kicks some ass at a carnival that’s been set up at the Dreaming Celestial’s feet. Three members of the Order arrive to take care of the disturbance, but Ajak sends them away. Meanwhile, Makkari chats with the Dreaming Celestial who explains what the Celestials do and why.
Pg9-pg22: next morning
Sersi meets with Iron Man on the SHIELD Helicarrier. They discuss Ajak’s outburst and Sersi makes assurances that it won’t happen again. Meanwhile, Makkari chats with the Dreaming Celestial about how the Universe works. In Antarctica, Ikaris confronts Ajak and gives him a mission: infiltrate Vorozheika and figure out how Druig is finding Eternals faster than they are. Back on the Helicarrier, Sersi finishes her chat with Iron Man. Back in Antarctica, Joey plays while Unit 2934.78 gathers information, Ikaris and Thena decide to go find Phastos… immediately. Elsewhere, Druig tells Legba that his people are looking for Gilgamesh.

The recap page informs us that Unit 2934.78 is a Horde scout program. Neat!

This issue starts a continuous plot that ends with a status quo that’s different than the Annual. There’s an unspecified amount of time between last issue and this, but not THAT much time, so the Annual goes between E4 1 & E4 2.

Iron Man appears here as the Director of SHIELD, so these issues occur before Secret Invasion.

What do the Celestials do? They seed a planet with complex life forms with two power sets: Eternal & Deviant. They leave for a bit then come back to see who comes out on top. If the Eternals win the Celestials harvest the planet’s energy. If the Deviants win the Horde harvest the planet’s energy. Yay!

Anyone have any idea who the other eight or nine Eternals in Vorozheika are?

Eternals v4 #3
October, 2008

Makkari, Dreaming Celestial(Tiamut), General Stoyanovich, his wife & daughter, Ajak, Zuras, Joey Eliot, unit 2934.78, Ikaris, Thena, Phastos(Phillip Stoss), his wife, Gilgamesh(O Guerreiro), Sersi,

In FlashBack:
Dreaming Celestial(Tiamut), Arishem, four other Celestials(one blue, one purple-ish, one with six ‘eyes’, one green with orange highlights)

Pg1: same day as end of last issue
Makkari communicates with the Dreaming Celestial.
Pg2-pg5-FB: the Second Host
The Celestials return to Earth for the Second Host to discover that the Deviants have come out on top. Even though this usually means that the Horde would harvest the planet’s energy, Arishem informs the other Celestials that they’re going to thin the Deviant herd(by eating them!) and start over on this planet. Tiamut is confused by this so he starts a fight!
Pg6-pg11pn3: same day as page 1
General Stoyanovich comes home to find Ajak at the dinner table. Ajak makes him say where Gilgamesh is, and convinces him not to tell Druig tomorrow morning, but tomorrow night instead. Meanwhile in Antarctica, Joey convinces Zuras to show him around the computer lab.
Pg11pn4-pg13pn1-FB, pg13pn3-FB: the Second Host
The other Celstials join Arishem and gang up on Tiamut. They beat the tar out of him all over the place; the fight carves out the Rocky Mountains as a result. They then put him to sleep and bury him.
Pg14-pg22: day after page 6-11pn3
Thena and Ikaris interview ‘Phillip Stoss’ in Germany. His memories are incomplete, but he doesn’t realize that his story is changing from minute to minute. He becomes upset so Thena and Ikaris leave. Meanwhile, Ajak has arrived in Brazil. He shocks Gilgamesh’s memories back, but brainwashes him to think that Eternals are actually Deviants. Meanwhile, Zuras gives Joey a tour while Unit 2934.78 gathers information, Sersi tries to figure out what the Celestial is telling Makkari, and Gilgamesh awakes.

Ajak mentions that Druig has found 23 other Eternals besides Gilgamesh.

I don’t own any issues of the 1980’s Eternals series, any idea how these Flashbacks fit in with the FlashBacks presented in issue 2 of that volume? Also, any idea which Celestials the other ones are?

Colonel Stoyanovich from issue 1 is now a General.

Zuras keeps a deactivated Hulk robot in his house, the same one from Eternals 14-16.

Eternals v4 #4
November, 2008

Phastos, his wife, Druig, Legba, General Stoyanovich, Makkari, Zuras, Joey Eliot, Unit 2934.78, Dreaming Celestial, Sersi, Iron Man(Tony Stark), Ikaris, Thena, Maria Hill, Gilgamesh

In FlashBack:
Ikaris, Sersi, Phastos, Thena, Apocalypse

Pg1-pg2pn1-FB: 11th Century BC, Egypt
The Eternals fight Apocalypse!
Pg2pn1-pg3pn7: same day as end of last issue
Phillip Stoss wakes up, the sleeping pills aren’t working. Meanwhile in Vorozheika, General Stoyanovich tells Druig and Legba where Gilgamesh is.
Pg4-pg22: next morning
Makkari tells Zuras what he’s learned from the Dreaming Celestial. Zuras thinks the Celestial is defective, but Makari points out that everything it’s been saying lines up with what they already know. Meanwhile, Sersi tries to interrogate the Dreaming Celestial and tries to harm it. SHIELD notifies Iron Man that yet another Eternal is causing a disturbance, he’s not happy to hear it. The Celestial calls Makkari and tells him that if he doesn’t arrive, it’s defense mechanisms will kill Sersi. He rushes over and the Celestial communicates with Sersi through him; it informs her that her function is to keep Makkari alive. Iron Man arrives to arrest Sersi, but Makkari takes her away. Meanwhile in Germany, Ikaris and Thena attempt to interview Phillip Stoss, but he doesn’t want to. Meanwhile in Brazil, Druig and Legba look for Gilgamesh, but he attacks and paralyzes the both of them.

Placement suggestions for the FlashBack:

H2 457
*E4 4-FB
C&P2 1

Any placement ideas for the Eternals seen in this FlashBack?

Eternals v4 #5
December, 2008

Makkari, Dreaming Celestial(Tiamut), Uatu, Sersi, Joey Eliot, Unit 2934.78, Zuras, Druig, Legba, Ikaris, Thena, Phastos-BTS, Gilgamesh, Ajak, Spider-Man

Pg1-pg22: same day as end of last issue
Makkari communicates with the Dreaming celestial as Uatu watches. Makkari asks who he is, the Celestial tells him and mentions that this particular Watcher has disobeyed his oath 337 times, and now that it thinks about it, it should tell on Uatu. Meanwhile in Antarctica, Sersi notices a transmission coming from their base, so she tells Zuras. In Brazil, Druig stops two villagers from stealing his boots. In Germany, Thena is contacted by Makkari, who tells her that Joey in infected by a Horde spy program and that she has to get back to Antarctica as soon as possible. She teleports away, leaving Ikaris alone.(They’ve been kicked out of Phastos’ place of employment) Noticing it’s been caught, Unit 2934.78 self-destructs, killing Joey in the process. Thena arrives a moment too late, Zuras gives her the bad news. Makkari arrives outside the Eternals base but is attacked by Gilgamesh, who smashes in his face and breaks his spine. Ajak watches. Sersi tries to contact Makkari with no success, Zuras tries to comfort Thena. Ajak reduces Makkari to ash, Druig and Legba watch, and the Dreaming Celestial begins the countdown to call the Horde to Earth,(because it’s lost contact with Makkari) putting every human on the planet to sleep, including Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is in his classic Red & Blue costume.

Uatu looks worried that he might get in trouble for meddling in Earth affairs. Poor Uatu…

Eternals v4 #6
February, 2009

Dreaming Celestial(Tiamut), Zuras, Sersi, Ajak, Makkari, Phastos, Ikaris, Thena, Joey Eliot, Gilgamesh, Druig, Legba, Akpaxa, at least ten other Eternals in Vorozheika, Spider-Man, Uatu

Pg1-pg22: same day as last issue
The Dreaming Celestial continues it’s countdown, Sersi discovers that Makkari is dead. She’s not too worried though, the reactivation chamber should rejuvenate him shortly. Meanwhile in Germany, Ikaris decides it’s time to take a different approach with Phastos. He shocks him awake and it works out pretty good. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh smashes the reactivation chamber. Zuras arrives and stops him, but not in time to save the machinery. Thena arrives and kills Gilgamesh. Druig argues with the Eternals he’s awakened in Vorozheika, then chats privately with Legba that he won’t reveals that they saw Ajak atomize Makkari until he has to. Sersi communicates with the Dreaming Celestial, who reminds her that it’s her just to ensure that Makkari lives. She transmutes herself into Makkari’s body and switches places with him in the Lacuna.(a sort of eternal afterlife) Makkari appears and the Dreaming Celestials countdown stops. Humans everywhere wake up, including Spider-Man, and Joey is revived as well. Uatu asks the Dreaming Celestial why he returned the boy to life, the Dreaming Celestial responds that Joey just woke up with everyone else.

Spider-Man mentions to himself that the DB! will probably blame him for everyone falling asleep.

Eternals v4 #7
March, 2009

Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, at least ten other Eternals in the Vestibule, the Vestibule bartender, Thena, Zuras, Phastos, Viranko, another unnamed Eternal in Olympus, Druig, Legba, Eramis, five other Eternals in Vorozheika, Dreaming Celstial, Uatu, Cyclops, Angel, Wolverine

Pg1-pg5pn4: same day as last issue
Ikaris saves a space shuttle from destruction. Later, Makkari and Ikaris discuss how there could have been more casualties from everyone falling asleep if it weren’t for the Eternals. Elsewhere, Sersi wakes up in the Vestibule, a place where Eternals go between regenerations.
Pg5pn5-pg22: possibly the next day, not long after pg1-pg5pn4
Makkari informs the other Eternals that Ikaris has renounced his ties with Zuras. He had to because of Zuras’ non-aggression pact with Druig, and he wants to go after Druig. Meanwhile in Vorozheika, Druig and Legba chat when Ikaris suddenly attacks. Druigs fights back along with some of his Eternals. Meanwhile in Antarctica, Phastos tells Zuras that he may not be able to repair the activation chamber. Makkari communicates with the Dremaing Celestial, but it sounds different. When Makari points this out, it becomes angry and sends him to find Cory Foss.(AKA DJ Phosphorous) Meanwhile, Sersi continues to learn more in the Vestibule. Elsewhere, the Dreaming Celestial asks Uatu what’s wrong, why is it feeling emotions? It says that it should deactivate itself but won’t; Uatu seems pleased by this. Back on Earth, Ikaris has led Druig and his Eternals to San Francisco where he and the X-Men are waiting for them.

To be continued next issue!

With the appearance of the X-Men, the placement of this series so far has been narrowed down to post-Uncanny 499 and pre-Secret Invasion.

So we have:

E4 1: one day
E@2 1: another day
E4 2 (1-8): one day
E4 2 (9-22): next day
E4 3 (1-13): same day
E4 3 (14-22): next day
E4 4 (1-3): same day
E4 4 (4-22): next day
E4 5: same day
E4 6: same day
E4 7 (1-5:4): same day
E4 7 (5:5-22): not long after, probably next day

Anyone have any idea who all those other unnamed Eternals are?

Re: Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:14 am
by Peter Fabricius
I have just looked through the 1980's Eternals series. Fortunately there is only one flasback involving the Second Host.

To me it looks like this.

E2 9-FB (pg7pn4) Dreaming Celestial is seen in space
E4 3-FB (pg2-pg5) Beginning of battle in Lemuria
E2 9-FB (pg8pn1-pn2) Battle in space, only ships are seen, ending with big flash of light
E4 3-FB (pg11pn4-pg13pn1) Dreaming Celestial being defeated and lowered into tomb, Dreaming Celestial is still golden
E2 9-FB (pg8pn3) Dreaming Delestial's heart sealed in vial
E4 3-FB (pg13pn3) Tomb being sealed
E2 9-FB (pg8pn4-pn5) Dreaming Celestial in tomb, and is now dark, Pyramid of the Winds, containing the vial, is seen

E4 page 13 only has 3 panels and panel 2 is not a flashback

As to the identity of the Celestials

I think #2 from left on page 2 panel 1 is Eson, due to the 6 'eyes', and i think the one on page 3 panel 1 is Jemiah

pg11-pg13 Gammenon, Nezarr, Eson, Tefral, Hargen and Arishem are clearly seen, despite Eson and Gammenon are said to have departed, and that only 5 are supposed to be there.

Re: Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:06 am
by Col_Fury
Thank you, Peter! :)

Re: Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:10 am
by Somebody
Col_Fury wrote:Zuras keeps a deactivated Hulk robot in his house, the same one from Eternals 14-16.
The one Thing ripped the innards out of in H2 350? (Doom picked it up and fixed it up after E 14-16, then used it to give the Grey Hulk a breather in the FF 320/H2 350 fight).

Re: Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:41 am
by Col_Fury
Yup. And then it appeared in Cloak & Dagger v3 8-9 after that.

Re: Eternals v4 2-7

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:18 pm
by Paul Bourcier
Do you suppose Tony Stark's appearance in this series should occur before page 20 of IIM 4? The last few pages of IIM 4 lead directly into IIM 5 and 6, which culminate in Ezekiel Stane's debilitating attacks on Stark Enterprises, and we've been told that Secret Invasion follows closely after those attacks -- well, after the aftermath of the attacks in IIM 7, which occurs the "week" after IIM 6. I would think we'd want to keep Stark's appearances post-Stane and pre-invasion to a mimimum, given Tony's state after the attacks.