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Wolverine: Switchback 1

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:31 pm
by Col_Fury
Wolverine: Switchback #1
March, 2009


Pg1: one night
Sheriff Macreedy sits in his car.
Pg2-pg18-FB: six hours earlier
Wolverine is out for a drive when he becomes distracted by the smell of death. He gets out of his car and looks around to find a spot that’s had a lot of car accidents. He finds evidence that one person was at every wreck, so he goes to the nearby town Pottsville to check it out. After asking around he decides he wants to meet the sheriff, so he gets into a fight and is thrown in jail. Wolverine chats with the sheriff, who throws him out of town, but Wolverine is convinced that the sheriff is the guy he’s looking for. The sheriff throws out some road spike and waits for Wolverine to drive over them.
Pg19-pg23: now
Wolverine wakes up to find himself tied up upside down, surrounded by dead bodies. He frees himself and kills sheriff Macreedy.

Green leaves on trees and a full moon at night. Wolverine is probably somewhere in the Rockies, Colorado maybe?

Wolverine: Switchback #1/2


Pg1-pg2: one night
Wolverine’s claws are stuck in the roof of a cave, he’s getting beat up by three idiots.
Pg3-pg5-FB: earlier that night
Wolverine has had a long day and all he wants is a drink. He goes into a bar and orders one, but notices three guys dragging a girl away in their truck. He decides to follow and finds them in a cave filled with skeletons. He attacks and the girl escapes, but his claws get stuck into the ceiling.
The three guys beat on Wolverine long enough to dislodge him from the ceiling, Once free Wolverine quickly kills all three. On his way out he notices a guy trying to steal a car at gunpoint…

Wolverine is in street clothes in both of these stories, and both could go practically anywhere in Wolverine’s current chronology.