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Here are links to my reviews for AOS 1-2. ... f=9&t=4048 ... f=9&t=4053 ... f=9&t=4140

FEB 2009
"The Golden-Age Sentry"
10 pages
Characters: Sentry, the alternate universe Golden Age Sentry (Ed Eckles), Prof. Hugo Cornelius, Harison Oogar, Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Cranio, Void, Watchdog, Lindy Lee
Flashback: A young Ed Eckles is beckoned by a hooded stranger into a hidden temple, gaining his powers.
Synopsis: Cranio steals Prof. Cornelius' pyramobile and escapes into the timestream. Sentry follows, sees how the rift that brought Oogar to the present was formed, encounters Pres. Lincoln, then catches up with Cranio. In an explosion, he is back in the present, where he meets the displaced alternate Earth GA Sentry. They fight some crime together, including Void. They face Cranio holding hostages, who disappears as he tries to tell Sentry the truth. With the Pyramobile, Cornelius sends GA Sentry home.
Notes: The GA Sentry was from "thirty years ago" and fought the kaiser.
Lincoln was on his way to the theater in 1865.
Void escaped from the Negative Zone.
There is a reference to Spider-Man.

AOS 4/2
1 page
Characters: Reed Richards, Franklin Richards, Sue Richards (BTS), note these characters were the unnamed family in earlier issues.
Synopsis: Reed continues to tell Franklin stories.

AOS 4/3
"I Want to Hold Your Band"
10 pages
Characters: Sentry, Commissioner Murdock, the Crick-Hits, Blonde Phantom, Cranio, Moloids, Tyrannus
Synopsis: Sentry is summoned by Commissioner Murdock as the Crick-Hits have gone missing. He and Blonde Phantom search the subway and face Tyrannus and the Moloids, and find the band is holding a concert underground. Sentry briefly shifts to his modern self and meets the modern Cranio, who shows the universe being destroyed by someone.
Notes: Captain America retired yesterday, and Blonde Phantom now leads the Avengers.
Sentry just got back from Neo-Saturn, where he fought the Neo-Stone Men (an obvious reference to Thor).
The Crick-Hits are an homage to the Beatles and other 60-70s groups.
Commissioner Murdock is probably Daredevil.