X-Men: First Class Finals #1

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X-Men: First Class Finals #1

Post by metaldragon » Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:13 am

X-Men: First Class Finals #1 (April, 2009)
1st story: "Senoritis"

Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl

Other Characters
Frederick (from X:FC2 10)

Flashback: Not really a flashback but the first half of the story takes place in Marvel Girl's dream, shared by the other 4 X-Men. In the villain gallery on pg 8 it looks like (clockwise) Mastermind (?), Kukulcán, Lorna Dane (as M-II/Magneto's daughter/queen of mutants), Magneto, Juggernaut, Mimic, Vanisher, the Stranger, Mesmero, the Locust, Cobalt Man, and Adam Warlock (!) [this MIGHT be "The Warlock" or Tyrannus. See Notes]. Page 9 shows a Sentinel, the Blob, Mastermind, Mimic, Juggernaut, Lorna (as M-II/Magneto's daughter/queen of mutants), and Magneto with 3 floating Marvel Girls: the 1st in what looks like the red belt version of the original uniform but with a yellow head covering mask (instead of the blue "M" shaped one), the 2nd in her green & yellow mini-skirt costume, and the 3rd in the First Class "2.0" uniform. There are lots of continuity references I'll cover in the Notes section.

Synopsis: Jean is dreaming and telepathicly pulls the other X-Men into her dream. While Professor X is away in Scotland (Jean thinks he has a "sweetie" there [Moira MacTaggart]) the X-Men train in the Danger Room against a number of robot versions of: Sentinels (2 of them), Living Diamond, and Grotesk. Then Frederic from X:FC2 10 turns up and grabs Cyclops. Oh and "deuce" seems to be the catchword of the day. :lol:

Notes: This story appears to takes place between the Incredible Hulk 150 flashback and the Amazing Adventures vol. 2 #11 flashback but further issues may clarify placement.
The X-Men are all thinking about what they'll do after they graduate Xavier's. Hank is dreaming of developing a "protein reactant" that sounds a bit like what he developed at Brand Corporation in his Amazing Adventures story.
Hank mentions the events of X:FC 3 (where Professor X telepathicly pulled their dreaming minds into his) as being "a couple of years ago" (this may be an exaggeration?).
Jean's psychic abilities have increased over "this past year" (since UX 40).
The others discover that Jean is dreaming about swimming with Scott which causes Scott and Warren to discuss the romantic situation with Jean since UX 32, mentioning Candy Southern.
Bobby had a dog named Buddy.
Bobby's dad expects him to take accounting classes at his "alma mater" after graduating Xavier's. (This is probably U.C.L.A, going by The Champions #1.)
In the section of Jean's dream with the villains there is someone who appears to be Adam Warlock. I suspect this may be an art error and was actually meant to be "The Warlock" (aka "Merlin" and the "Maha Yogi"). The only other character I can think of who looks even vaguely similar to that is maybe Tyrannus. Unless time travel is involved, I don't think Adam Warlock, with cosmic Soul Gem on forehead, could have met Jean sometime before this issue (unless the experts know better than I). This may be an "untold adventure".
The Danger Room robot versions of Sentinels are probably based on the deactivated Sentinels they had in the basement in FF:WGCM 3-4. Warren says "Now why don't you fly off and attack the sun, because that's what causes mutations sometimes." which refers to what Cyclops did to them in UX 59.
The Living Diamond robot mentions how the real Living Diamond died (UX 42/2) when Beast says "I never had a shot at this fellow. How was he stopped again?".
Cyclops thinks he might try gem cutting after graduating.
Warren mentions that his family expects him to take over Worthington Inc. as soon as he graduates Xavier's. He has to, since at this point both his father and mother are dead (KZ 2/2 and X:HY 15, respectively) and his uncle Bertram, aka the Dazzler, is in prison for murder (X:HY 16). He doesn't actually come into his full inheritance until The Champions #5.
Cyclops mentions that Professor X possibly worked on the robots while he was preparing to repel the Z'Nox invasion (between UX 41-65).
The Grotesk robot uses the energy reflector discs against Cyclops the real Grotesk (UX 41-42) used against him in UX 42 and Iceman comments on this. Jean mentions that she missed the chance to fight him directly because she was helping "The Professor" [actually the Changeling].
Angel is wearing the blue & white costume given to him by Magneto in UX 62.
Cyclops is wearing the uniform Jean redesigned that debuted in UX 39.
Marvel Girl is wearing the green mini-skirt costume from UX 39-on.
Beast is wearing the UX 27-39 uniform with the belt from his UX 39 uniform for some reason (aka post-UX 39 uniform with red bits miscoloured yellow). Scott comments, "Yea, but now it just looks like Hank and I are on a team and everyone else is random--We should project a unified front." though and Jean replies "Maybe you're forgetting why we started individualizing, Mr. Summers! The media was talking about mutants as some kind of military organization because of the uniforms." It's possible Beast is wearing the old uniform here because they all started wearing them again on and off between X-Men: The Hidden Years 8 and Marvel Team-Up 23.
When Iceman powers down he's shown wearing Cyclops' UX 39-on uniform without the mask!
Cyclops says "Maybe Alex is back--and in trouble!" and Marvel Girl replies "Your brother? He said he was going to--" just as Cyclops is grabbed by Frederick. This implies it might be set while Alex is in the desert between his appearances in the Incredible Hulk 150 flashback and the rest of that issue.
Since Lorna isn't training with the team and isn't mentioned, it may be after she leaves to try and convince Alex to return to the X-Men (same placement as Alex one).

X-Men: First Class Finals #1 (April, 2009)
2nd story: "Scott and Jean Are On a Date"

Scott, Jean. Hank, Warren and Bobby appear as floating heads to announce the title of the story.

Other Characters
(on tv) Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor (as the Avengers)

Synopsys: Scott and Jean go on a date to the "Chez Voulet" restaurant but discover they needed reservations. After finding out that all of the other restaurants around either need reservations or have a long wait time they end up at... the Coffee A Go-Go. The Avengers appear on the tv news. To be continued...

Notes: Since Scott & Jean are on a date this places it sometime after UX 32.
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