Franklin Richards: April Fools!

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Franklin Richards: April Fools!

Post by Somebody » Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:50 pm

(i.e.; Franklin Richards #14)
Story, art & lettering: Chris Eliopoulos

Story 1: Sick Day! (5 pages)
Cast: Franklin; HERBIE; Sue Richards

Franklin gives himself Pandoran flu from Reed's lab to try and get out of a maths test. This turns him purple with sentient spots, melts him into a puddle, and then restores him once its' run its' course (it was a 24-minute virus). He's happy to be healthy... until his mum reminds him about the test.

Story 2: Brain Game! (1 page)
Cast: Reed Richards; Franklin

Reed looks for his brain matter expande. Guess who used it :)

Story 3: Diorama Dilemma! (5 pages)
Cast: Kristoff Vernard (Fantastic Frank-verse); Franklin; Mr. Haug (teacher)

The Fantastic Frank-verse Kristoff/Doom is still in the same class as Franklin, and arranges for him to take a gummy bear that gives him an explosive sneeze, burning down his diorama. The teacher, however, still awards Franklin first prize for his "depiction of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871!"

Story 4: Roswell Rescue! (5 pages)
Cast: "Nick Fury, super-secret agent"; Reed Richards, Franklin, HERBIE, Puppy, [Roswell aliens], two 1947 army guys

Baxter Building, present:
Nick Fury calls up Reed to ask him about the Roswell incident. Franklin overhears and scampers off, missing that Reed wanted to ask what his son had to do with it.

"Roswell, New Mexico, 1947"
Franklin uses Puppy to teleport to the past, and rescues the tiny aliens ("Yes, we are small compared to you... but who invented space travel first? Hm?") just before a US Army Jeep spots them. He vanishes just in time for them to take a picture...

Baxter Building, "The Present":
Reed wants to ask if Franklin used Puppy to travel back in time. When shown the picture, he claims Puppy made a mistake - and Reed asks if he removed anything or interacted with anyone, to which Franklin insists he didn't talk to one single human. Reed warns him not to do it again, and he should play with his alien action figures instead...

Story 5: Who Dunnit?! (1 page)
Cast: Franklin, HERBIE, Reed Richards

Franklin blows stuff up as Herbie tells him not to, Franklin blames HERBIE.

Story 6: April Fools Fiasco! (5 pages)
Cast: Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Franklin, HERBIE

After Franklin pulls April Fools jokes on Reed and Johnny, they arrange for a fake HERBIE to be pranked by Franklin, and fall to pieces. Franklin has to admit he broke HERBIE... just as the real HERBIE turns up, and they admit the joke. Franklin learns his lesson - to get them back next year...

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Re: Franklin Richards: April Fools!

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