X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1

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X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1

Post by Col_Fury » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:45 pm

X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1
May, 2009

Psylocke, Slaymaster (from Exiles), Sage, Sabretooth (from Exiles), Captain Britain, Morph (from Exiles), Valeria Richards (from Exiles), alt-Psylocke, alt-Slaymaster

Pg1-pg2: One day in the Crystal palace…
Psylocke is slammed with a resonance wave of energy, warning her that another version of herself is about to die.
Pg3-pg6: A different dimension
Slaymaster arrives in a reality where Psylocke & Slymaster are lovers. He kills the alternate Slaymaster, which somehow makes him stronger. He then kills the alternate Psylocke.
Pg7-pg14: back at the Crystal Palace
Feeling her alternate self die, Psylocke gets up and gets Sage to run a Slaymaster fight simulation. She doesn’t do well very well and loses to the hologram. She chats with Sage about her history with Slaymaster, then tells Sabretooth that she’s leaving to take care of Slaymaster.
Pg15-pg25: Earth, England
Psylocke travels to Earth and fights Slaymaster, Captain Britain happens by and breaks them up. He’s ecstatic to see Psylocke alive, she tells him to leave Slaymaster to her. She quickly defeats and kills him, both Psylocke and Captain Britain see the spirits of all the Psylockes Slaymaster has killed go free. Psylocke says her goodbyes to Captain Britain and leaves.
Pg26: Crystal Palace
Psylocke rejoins the Exiles and smooches with Sabretooth.

There’s a couple of FlashBacks to previously seen stuff, like Slaymaster blinding Psylocke, but nothing new.

I’m pretty sure that’s Valeria Richards on the last page, she has the same hair & swimsuit as the last page on Exiles #18. Actually, the last page of this & Exiles #18 are pretty much the same now that I’m looking at them together.

This would follow Exiles #18 for Psylocke and the appearing Exiles, and occur before Psylocke’s appearance in Uncanny #508-#509. How long before… Psylocke mentions that time passes between pg25 & pg26 here, but it’s all in the Crstal Palace/other dimensions, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Captain Britain appears here in his current MI13 suit, so there’s that.
-Daron Jensen

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Re: X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1

Post by Somebody » Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:23 pm

I think you'll find you meant New Exiles #18 all three times you mentioned "Exiles #18" :p

Paul Bourcier
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Re: X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks #1

Post by Paul Bourcier » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:57 am

Thanks, Colonel! :)
Paul B.