Rampaging Wolverine #1

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Rampaging Wolverine #1

Post by Col_Fury » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:29 am

Rampaging Wolverine #1
June, 2009

“Sense Memories”

Pg1: Korea
Wolverine chats with some he’s tied up.
Pg2-pg7-FB: 50 years ago
Wolverine fights some pirates that have been patrolling Madripoor and loses. He washes up on the Korean shore and is found by a fisherman. The fisherman takes him in and introduces him to his wife and hired hand.
Pg8pn1-pg8pn3(of 7): same say as pg1
Wolverine tells the ties up guy to stop crying and start digging.
Wolverine begins working with the fisherman to repay his debt, but they’re attacked by the local mob boss. Mobsters set the fisherman’s house on fire and Wolverine kills the mob boss. The pirates from earlier arrive and team up with Wolverine to kill the remaining mobsters.
Pg19pn1(of 5): same day as pg1
Wolverine chats with some he’s tied up.
Pg19pn2-pg19pn5-FB: after (2-7)-FB, before (8:4-18)-FB
The hired hand arranges for the local mob boss to attack the fisherman.
Pg20-pg22: same day as pg1
Wolverine puts the guy(the former hired hand) in the hole he dug and buries him up to his neck. Wolverine then sits and waits for the tide to come in, drowning the man for ruining a peaceful place.

Wolverine mentions the FlashBack was ’50 years ago’, but I’m taking that with a grain of salt. He says he didn’t know why he couldn’t seem to die back then, his memories weren’t the best, and he was acting more heroic than when he was working for Romulus. Therefore, this takes place after he quit Team X, but before the adamantium bonding process.

For the current portion, Wolverine’s in street clothes and he’s in Korea. This can go anywhere in his current chronology after M-Day.

A placement suggestion for the FlashBack:


X 6 (14)-FB
UX 228-FB
M/CP 72

RW is already taken for Red Wolf, so RAMW works just as well, I guess.

Rampaging Wolverine #1/2
“Unconfirmed Kill”
Wolverine, assassin (dies)

Pg1-pg11: one night on an unspecified island
Wolverine is flying the Blackbird to a remote island when it’s shot down. He gets up and is shot again, repeatedly, but each time he gets up he gets closer to the shooter and eventually kills him. With his obstacle gone, Wolverine makes his way to the Hydra base.

Rampaging Wolverine #1/3
“Kiss, Kiss”
Wolverine, giant spider; bodies of SHIELD, AIM, & Hydra agents (bts), HQ guys (bts)

Pg1-pg4: same day as previous story
Still on the Hydra island, Wolverine finds the bodies of SHIELD, AIM, & Hydra agents strung up in webs. He’s attacked by a giant spider, he kills it. He brings one of the spiders legs back to HQ, the lab guys tell him that Hydra developed the creature 50 years ago.

Text story accompanied by illustrations. Wolverine & the spider appear in the pictures, but the bodies & HQ guys do not. Where is HQ and who works there? I dunno.

Rampaging Wolverine #1/4
“Modern Primitive”
Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Sauron (bts)

Pg1-pg2pn3(of 4): one day on an unspecified island
Wolverine falls onto a remote island after having shredded Sauron’s left wing.
Pg2pn4-pg3: five days later
Wolverine eats a boar and is watched by some primates.
Pg4-pg11: two days later
Wolverine is attacked by a giant primate, so he kills it. The other smaller primates from earlier reach out to him, he realizes that the larger primate he just killed was their mother. Nightcrawler arrives in the Blackbird and Wolverine decides to take the primates with him.

Wolverine’s in his street clothes here, Kurt’s driving the Blackbird. Could go anywhere currently, really.
-Daron Jensen