Wolverine: Revolver #1

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Wolverine: Revolver #1

Post by Col_Fury » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:32 am

Wolverine: Revolver #1
August, 2009

Wolverine, a blue demon; a bunch of gamblers (all die)

Pg1-pg20: One day in Las Vegas
Wolverine has worked his way into a Russian Roulette tournament and reveals the reigning champion to be a demon when it blows it’s brains out. A fight ensues, ending when Wolverine finally seperates all of it’s limbs and head from it’s body.
Pg21pn1: next day
Wolverine drives around in the desert.
Pg21pn2: two days later
Wolverine tosses one of the demon’s legs into a ravine.
Pg21pn3: two days later
Wolverine buries the demon’s torso.
Pg21pn4-pn5(of 5): next day
The demon’s head begs Wolverine to reconsider.
Pg22: next day
While the demon’s head Wolverine not to leave him scattered around for millennia, Wolverine drops the head off in a cave facing the wall.

Wolverine has been looking for the demon for two weeks before he finds him in Vegas. So no appearances for him in that time.

Pg21-pg22 span a week. There’s no mention of how long there is between each panel, I just spaced it out so it takes week.

Wolverine’s in street clothes the whole time, and it’s sunny and dry in the desert. Really, this could go anywhere in Wolverine’s current chronology.
-Daron Jensen