Wolverine: Origins 31-32

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Wolverine: Origins 31-32

Post by Col_Fury » Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:27 pm

Wolverine: Origins #31
February, 2009

Wolverine, Daken (also in fb), Romulus (in fb), Cyber

Pg1-pg2: now
Wolverine and Daken look for Romulus in Aujuka, Halwan.
Pg3pn1-pg3pn2-FB: several years ago
Daken reports to Romulus in Budapest after an assassination.
Pg3pn3-FB: five days ago, same night as end of last issue
Daken tells Wolverine how to find Romulus.
Pg3pn4-pg9pn2: now
Wolverine and Daken find Cyber, who wants to team up to kill Romulus, Wolverine doesn’t believe him.
Recap of W: O 12-FB, now new information.
Pg9pn4-pg10pn1: now
Cyber remind Wolverine that Romulus had him killed with Mutant Deathwatch Beetles, and that he told Nick Fury that Romulus exists, so Romulus wants Cyber dead.
Recap of W: O 12-FB, no new information.
Pg10pn4-pg14: now
Wolverine doesn’t care so Cyber leaves, that night Wolverine and Daken come up with a plan.
Pg15-pg21pn2: next day
Wolverine attacks Cyber and is shot up by the children Cyber commands, Daken ambushes Cyber while he’s distracted. Wolverine wakes up to find Cyber chained to the wall.
Recap of W: O 12-FB, no new information.
Pg21pn4-pg22: same day
Wolverine’s stabbed in the throat by Daken, who’s decided to team up with Cyber.

Continued directly from last issue & the Original Sin crossover. The (3:3)-FB takes place the same day as the end of W: O 30, and (1-2) are five days later. No appearances for Wolverine or Daken between last issue and this issue.

(9:3)-FB reveals Romulus was behind Cyber being eaten alive by mutant deathwatch beetles, even though it was Genesis that did it.

Wolverine: Origins #32
March, 2009

Wolverine, Daken (also in fb), Cyber (also in fb), Romulus (in fb), Victor Hudson (in fb), Watchmaker (in fb), Beast-BTS, Nick Fury

Pg1-pg2: day after end of last issue
Wolverine wakes up to find himself tied to a post and surrounded by children with machine guns.
Pg3-pg4pn3-FB: eight hours earlier
Daken and Cyber go looking for Romulus.
Recap of Original Sin crossover, no new information.
Pg5pn1-FB: eight hours earlier
Daken and Cyber chat.
Recap of W: O 27-FB, no new information.
Pg5pn3-6-FB: eight hours earlier
Cyber tells Daken about how he got adamantium skin.
Pg7pn1-pg7pn4-FB-FB: after W: O 27-FB
Daken and Romulus are in a train, Victor Hudson throws an unconscious Silas Burr in with them.
Pg7pn5-pg8-FB: eight hours earlier
Daken and Cyber fly to Canada.
Pg9-pg10: now
Wolverine escapes from the machine gun-toting children.
Pg11pn1-pg11pn3-FB: eight hours earlier
Now in Canada, Cyber continues his story.
Pg11pn4-FB-FB: years ago
Cyber gets adamantium grafted to his skin.
Pg12pn1-FB: eight hours earlier
Cyber continues his story.
Pg12pn2-FB-FB: same time as (11:4)-FB
Cyber is awake while the adamantium is grafted.
Pg12pn3-pg12pn5-FB: eight hours earlier
Cyber finishes his story.
Pg13-pg16pn2: now
Wolverine calls the X-Men, Beast answers the phone. He asks him to track his phone, which Daken has, then hops a plane to Canada.
Pg16pn3-pg16pn6-FB: same time as (11:4)-FB
With the adamantium bonding complete, Romulus asks Watchmaker to show him Cyber’s claws.
Pg17-pg19pn1: now
With his memories back, Daken betrays Cyber.
Pg19pn2-pg19pn3-FB: between pgs15-16 of W: O 31
Wolverine and Daken formulate a plan to fool Cyber.
Pg19pn4-pg20: now
Daken kills Cyber. Later, Wolverine finds Cyber’s body.
Pg21-pg22: some time later.
Wolverine drinks in a bar, he’s approached by Nick Fury who offers to fill Wolverine in on Daken’s past.

Continued from last issue. While not stated here, there’s a large gap of time between pgs20-21. Because (21-22) continues directly into next issue, which is a four-issue arc guest starring the X-Men, there has to be a gap to let other events occur.(like Secret Invasion, so that Fury can appear in public here)

Victor Hudson next appears in the current day in W: O 35.

Some placement suggestions for the FlashBacks:

W: O 14 (15:4-20)-FB
W: O 15 (8-10)-FB (1912)
W: O 12 (10)-FB
W: O 15 (12)-FB
W: O 12 (11)-FB
W: O 15 (14:3)-FB
W: O 27 (7)-FB
W: O 15 (14:5)-FB
W: O 27 (8-16)-FB
*W: O 32 (7:1-7:4)-FB-FB
*W: O 32 (11:4)-FB-FB
*W: O 32 (12:2)-FB-FB
*W: O 32 (16:3-16:6)-FB

M/CP 85
M/CP 86

W: O 5-FB
W: O 26-FB
W: O 27 (6)-FB
W: O 15 (14:3)-FB
W: O 27 (7)-FB
W: O 15 (14:5)-FB
W: O 27 (8-16)-FB
*W: O 32 (7:1-7:4)-FB-FB
*W: O 32 (16:3-16:6)-FB
W: O 27 (18-19)-FB
*W: O 31 (3:1-3:2)-FB

W: O 4-BTS
W: O 6
W: O 8
W: O 11 (14:7)-FB
W: O 11 (13)-FB
W: O 10
W: O 11
W: O 12
W: O 13
W: O 14
W: O 15

W3 50-FB
W3 51-FB
W3 52 (1-5)-FB
W3 53 (1-5)-FB
W: O 15 (12)-FB-BTS
W: O @1-FB-BTS
W3 52 (17-20)-FB
W3 53 (19-20)-FB
W3 54 (1-5)-FB (1942)
W3 40-FB-BTS
W: O 5 (7)-FB
W: O 26 (7-8)-FB
W: O 5 (9)-FB
W: O 5 (13-14)-FB-BTS
W: O 26 (14-19)-FB
W: O 27 (6)-FB
W: O 15 (14:3)-FB
*W: O 32 (7:1-7:4)-FB-FB
*W: O 32 (16:3-16:6)-FB

W3 54 (17-19)-FB
W: O 28-FB-BTS
W: O 27 (18-19)-FB
*W: O 31-FB
W: O 2-VO
W: O 3-BTS
W: O 12-BTS
W: O 15-BTS
W3 51-BTS
W3 55-FB
W3 55
W: O @1-BTS
-Daron Jensen