Wolverine: Origins 33

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Wolverine: Origins 33

Post by Col_Fury » Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:10 am

Wolverine: Origins #33
April, 2009

Wolverine, Nick Fury, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Armor

Current day:
Nick Fury tells Wolverine his family history. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Cyclops and Emma grab the Muramasa blade in preparation to confront Daken for impersonating Wolverine. Fury and Wolverine head towards Daken, as do the X-Men.

Continued from the end of last issue, continued in W: O 34-36.

Fury lays out Wolverine’s family history, none of which Wolverine knew before. I’m confused by this timeline, so watch out:

Elias Hudson(the much older brother from Origin), Frederick Hudson, & Elizabeth Hudson are siblings. Their unnamed parents die when their boat sinks. Frederick Hudson runs the Hudson Bay Company while Elias owns it, Elizabeth marries John Howlette and eventually gives birth to Wolverine.(1890’s, give or take)

Elizabeth Hudson-Howlette kills herself in Origin #3. Elias Hudson eventually kills himself sometime after Origin #5. Frederick continues to run the Hudson Bay Company.(early 1900’s, give or take)

(Not laid out here, but it’s needed for context:
Wolverine trains at the Hudson Bay Company under Silas Burr, under Frederick, in 1912. Years later, Wolverine has a son named Daken. Bucky as the Winter Soldier is present at Daken’s birth, so this has to be in 1956 or 1957. When Daken is 9 he’s taken by Romulus, so 1965, and four years later, Daken trains under Silas Burr, under Frederick at the Hudson Bay Company, so around 1969)

Frederick eventually has a bastard son by his secretary Caitlyn MacDonald. She names it after him: Frederick MacDonald Hudson. He’s born around the same time Daken burns down the Hudson Bay Company and kills Frederick Hudson. (so, 1969. Incidentally, this would mean Frederick was something like 95 years old when he was finally killed by Daken, since he’s been running the Hudson Bay Company since 1900 or so. Not that the art shows him being in his 90’s, he looks like he’s in his 40’s)

Frederick MacDonald Hudson has three bastard children by three different mothers. He eventually dies at age 30 in a bar fight.(so, 1999) His sons are Truett Hudson-Thorton, Victor Hudson, & James MacDonald Hudson.

Truett is the Professor leading the Weapon X Program that gave Wolverine his adamantium.

Victor Hudson is the previously unnamed big mute in this series.

James MacDonald Hudson will eventually become Vindicator.

Romulus has been using the Hudsons for close to a century, and they’re all related to Wolverine. Surprise!

And that’s quite a surprise, because if Frederick Jr. was born in 1969, that means he couldn’t have children until at least 1984 or so. Assuming all three of his children were born as early as that, then Vindicator and the Professor from M/CP’s Weapon X would all be born around 1985. That’s fine for Victor who doesn’t have any ties to previous storylines, but the Professor was an old man during Weapon X! Hell, he appears in 1945 in Weapon X #23! How does this work?

The only thing I can think of is that Frederick’s secretary Caitlyn MacDonald didn’t get pregnant when Daken was training, but when Wolverine was. This would require a flashback scene in W: O 27 that was intended to take place during Daken’s training, to be a flashback within a flashback, and actually take place when Wolverine was training. This would mean Frederick Jr. was born in 1913, and he died in 1943/1944.

So at the earliest, Truett would be born in 1928, meaning he was 17 when he appeared in Weapon X #23.(not that you can tell by the art, I’m sure he was intended to be older) Vindicator would then be born in 1946 at the latest, making him a little older than originally intended, I think. As for Victor, he would be born somewhere in the middle, let’s say 1934.

As for Frederick’s youthful appearance in 1969, I’ll just assume Romulus was keeping him young somehow.

FlashBacks in this issue:

Repeat of Dark Avengers #1, no new information.
Repeat of W: O 12-FB, no new information.
Following W: O 12-FB, Fury checks out the information Cyber gave him.
Repeat of X 7-FB, no new information.
Generic ‘Wolverine’s pissed’ shot.
Repeat of W3 50-FB, no new information.
Following M/CP 98-FB, Wolverine works for the Hudson Bay Company.
Repeat of various flashbacks, no new information.
Wolverine’s great-grandparents die when the cruise liner they’re on sinks.
James Howlette walks in on his mother Elizabeth and sees claw marks on her back.
Elias Hudson, Wolverine’s uncle, kills himself.
Daken burns down the Hudson Bay Company training facility.
Repeat of W: O 27-FB-FB, no new information.
Caitlyn MacDonald names Frederick Hudson’s child after him and then hangs herself.
Repeat of Weapon X from M/CP, no new information.
Victor Hudson is raised by his mother Bernice, she kills herself in a church after Romulus abducts him.(Romulus is not seen, therefore BTS)
Montage repeat of various Weapon X plots, no new information.
Repeat of Weapon X from M/CP, no new information.

A new flashback synopsis of W: O 27, thanks to the timeline provided above:

Pg7-pg8-FB (1969)
Daken is dropped off to be trained by Silas Burr, Hudson tells him to do so, so he gets started.
Pg9-FB-FB (1912)
Hudson’s secretary tells him she’s pregnant.
Pg10-pg16-FB (1969)
Daken decides he’s had enough training, so he kills Hudson and burns the facility down.

Placement suggestions:


DD 330
M/CP 171/4
M/CP 174/2
W: O 12-FB
*W: O 33-FB
X 35
NW 50

W: E 4 (9-13)-FB
O 1
*W: O 33 (8)-FB
O 2
O 3
O 4
O 5
O 6
W: O 15 (7:1)-FB
M/CP 93-FB
M/CP 94
M/CP 95
M/CP 96
M/CP 97
M/CP 98-FB
*W: O 33 (5:4-5:5)-FB
W: O 15 (8-10)-FB (1912)

W:E 4-FB
O 1
*W: O 33-FB
O 2
[O 3]

O 1
O 2
O 3
O 5
W: O 33-FB

W: O 14-FB
W: O 15-FB
W: O 27-FB-FB
W: O 27-FB

W: O 33-FB
W: O 32-FB
{W: O 15}
W: O 35
W: O 36

W: O 27-FB-FB
W: O 33-FB

W: O 5-FB
W: O 26-FB
W: O 27 (6)-FB
W: O 15 (14:3)-FB
W: O 27 (7)-FB
W: O 15 (14:5)-FB
W: O 27 (8-16)-FB
*W: O 33-FB
W: O 32 (7:1-7:4)-FB-FB
W: O 32 (16:3-16:6)-FB
W: O 27 (18-19)-FB
W: O 31 (3:1-3:2)-FB
W: O 4-BTS
W: O 6
W: O 8
W: O 11 (14:7)-FB
W: O 11 (13)-FB
W: O 10
W: O 11
W: O 12
W: O 13
W: O 14
W: O 15

W3 50-FB
W3 51-FB
W3 52 (1-5)-FB
W3 53 (1-5)-FB
W: O 15 (12)-FB-BTS
W: O @1-FB-BTS
W3 52 (17-20)-FB
W3 53 (19-20)-FB
*W: O 33-FB-BTS (this has to be the mid-30’s, thanks to the timeline above)
W3 54 (1-5)-FB (1942)
W3 40-FB-BTS
W: O 5 (7)-FB
W: O 26 (7-8)-FB
W: O 5 (9)-FB
W: O 5 (13-14)-FB-BTS
W: O 26 (14-19)-FB
W: O 27 (6)-FB
W: O 15 (14:3)-FB
W: O 27 (7-16)-FB
W: O 32 (7:1-7:4)-FB-FB
W: O 32 (16:3-16:6)-FB
W3 54 (17-19)-FB
W: O 28-FB-BTS
W: O 27 (18-19)-FB
W: O 31-FB
W: O 2-VO
W: O 3-BTS
W: O 12-BTS
W: O 15-BTS
W3 51-BTS
W3 55-FB
W3 55
W: O @1-BTS

Paul B. Says he has the current day portion of this arc(W: O 33-36) covered, but there’s a flashback in W: O 35:

W: O 35 (2)-FB
Muramasa makes a sword from Wolverine’s blood/soul/whatever.

A placement suggestions:

W3 40 (16-18)-FB
*W: O 35-FB
W3 38 (11-13)-FB
-Daron Jensen