Deadpool: Games of Death #1

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Deadpool: Games of Death #1

Post by Col_Fury » Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:16 am

Deadpool: Games of Death #1
May, 2009

Deadpool, a bunch of guys who die or we’ll never see again

Pg1-pg2: now
Posing as Woo Ping Yeun, Deadpool makes his way to the Pain Factor game show’s location.
Pg3-pg7-FB: two days ago
Deadpool is hired to find Mr. Kilgore’s son Julian, he poses as Martial Arts master Woo Ping Yeun to join a televised combat game show to do so.
Pg8-pg10: now
Deadpool looks around the Pain Factor location for Mr. Kilgore’s son.
Pg11-pg29: the next day
Deadpool combats in Pain Factor as Woo Ping Yeun, but he’s quickly found out. Deadpool kills everyone and wins, but the producers orders Deadpool to be killed. It doesn’t work, and Deadpool unmasks the producer, revealing him to be Julian Kilgore. Deadpool kills him.
Pg30-pg32: the next day
Deadpool collects his money from Mr. Kilgore, reminding him he knew his son was the producer of Pain Factor.

Published the same month as (current volume) Deadpool #8. The current volume has been pretty continuous, starting with Secret Invasion tie-in issues and currently doing Dark Reign tie-in issues, this one-shot probably fits best before the first issue of it.
-Daron Jensen

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Re: Deadpool: Games of Death #1

Post by Paul Bourcier » Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:04 am

Sounds like Wade would be here between W:O 25 and DP4 8-FB. Thanks, Colonel.
Paul B.