Wolverine v3 #73, story 2 & #74, story 1

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Wolverine v3 #73, story 2 & #74, story 1

Post by Col_Fury » Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:08 pm

Wolverine #73 story 2
July, 2009

Wolverine, Dennis (police officer), Horrorshow & his biker gang the Burning Sons (Ram named), Junior

Pg1-pg4pn2: one day
Wolverine has been stopped by a police officer when the biker gang Burning Sons happens by, the leader Horrorshow recognizes Wolverine and gets the officer to not write him a ticket. Wolverine and Horrorshow catch up on old times at the Burning Son’s bar.
Pg4pn3-pg4pn5-FB: years ago (maybe 10?)
Horrorshow’s ex-wife overdoses, her husband blows his head off with a shotgun, and Junior takes off.
Pg4pn6-pg11: same day
Ram storms into the bar to tell Horrorshow that the New Saints have declared war on the Burning Sons, apparently Junior is behind it. Wolverine goes to investigate by interviewing Ram’s girlfriend, but she’s shot before he can get anything out of her. He sees Junior riding off afterwards.

Wolverine is using a fake ID that says his name is Mr. Claremont.

Wolverine is on his way back home to San Francisco from New York, possibly placing this between Wolverine: Origins 36 & 37.

Wolverine #74 story 1
August, 2009

Wolverine, Horrorshow & his biker gang the Burning Sons (Ram named), Junior

Pg1-pg5: day after last issue
As the Burning Sons decide whether or not to go to war with the New Saints, Wolverine arrives to tell everyone that there’s no need, Junior is dead. Horrorshow shoots Wolverine in the face several times for killing his son.
Pg6-pg9-FB: last night
Wolverine has caught Junior and convinces him to leave town. Wolverine will tell everyone he’s dead to give him a new start.
Pg10-pg11: same day
Wolverine wakes up in the woods and kills Ram, the guy who started the whole mess in the hopes of taking over the Burning Sons. Wolverine then heads for home.

The whole thing lasts two days.
-Daron Jensen