Daredevil 111-115

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Daredevil 111-115

Post by Col_Fury » Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:36 am

Daredevil v2 #111
November, 2008

Daredevil, Dakota North, Iron Fist, Lady Bullseye (also in fb), Lord Hirochi, Bullseye (in fb)

Pg1-pg6: one day
Lady Bullseye spies on Daredevil while Iron Fist focuses Dakota’s chi to help heal her arm.
Pg7-pg10-FB: many years ago
In Tokyo, Bullseye battles Yakuza in a warehouse, killing them. Women are being kept as slaves, and one gets loose during the fight. She kills one of her captors and escapes.(she will become Lady Bullseye)
Pg11-pg20: same day
Matt and Dakota stroll through the park while Lady Bullseye beats up some thugs, she coerces one into claiming that Daredevil is a murderer. Afterwards, Matt teaches Dakota some meditation techniques, and they get distracted by making out. Meanwhile, Lady Bullseye reports to Lord Hirochi of the Hand. They discuss recruiting Iron Fist, Black Tarantula, and Wolverine, and he reminds her that Daredevil is off limits.
Pg21-pg22: next day
Daredevil wakes up in bed with a nude Dakota, he grabs the morning DB newspaper with the headline: “Daredevil a Killer Claims Witness”.

Enough time has passed since last issue for Dakota to be released from the hospital, but not enough for her to completely heal (she's still wearing a sling). The Daily Bugle is now the DB, and there are green leaves on trees in New York.

Iron Fist appears here at least sometime after Immortal Iron Fist #16, but if I remember right that issue continues directly into the next arc. So probably sometime after that, which would either be during Immortal Iron Fist #20, or after Immortal Iron First #26.(keeping in mind that it takes Iron Fist “several months” to get where he’s going at the end of #20)

The ‘many years ago’ FlashBack could really go anywhere for Bullseye. Howsabout:


DD 200
*DD2 111-FB
CA 372

Daredevil v2 #112
December, 2008

Daredevil, Dakota North, Lady Bullseye (also in fb), Lord Hirochi (in fb), Wolverine(in fb), Spider-Man(in fb), Luke Cage(in fb), Echo(in fb), Spider-Woman(Skrull) (in fb), Iron Fist(in fb), Dr. Strange(in fb), Elektra(Skrull, as corpse) (in fb), Hiro (Lady Bullseye’s aide), Det. Alex Kurtz, Det. Slater, Iron Fist, Master Izo

Pg1-pg4: same day as end of last issue
Dakota wakes up to find Matt being arrested, she sees the newspaper claiming Daredevil to be a murderer.
Pg5-FB: months ago
The New Avengers react to the Skrull corpse of Elektra, a Hand ninja sees them and escapes.
Pg6-pg7-FB: weeks ago
With their leader revealed to be an alien imposter, the Hand has fractured. Different factions are warring against each other. Lord Hirochi is attempting to reunite the Hand, and calls on the newly named Lady Bullseye to enact his plan.
Pg8-pg22: same day as (1-4)
Lady Bullseye and her aide discuss Murdock being taken into custody, then attack Black Tarantula. He puts up a fight and eventually escapes. Meanwhile, Detectives Kurtz & Slater discuss Murdock while he’s in custody. Dakota shows up and gets him released. That night Iron Fist is attacked by Hand ninjas. Meanwhile, Murdock and Dakota discuss their affair and find Master Izo in Murdock’s home with the Black Tarantula tied up. Izo asks where the booze is.

The New Avengers FlashBack technically goes between the last two pages of New Avengers #31, but since the Avengers don’t appear on the last page, it would fall between New Avengers #31 & #32 for the team members. Like so:

A4 31
DD2 112-FB
A4 32

Daredevil #113
January, 2009

Daredevil, Dakota North, Black Tarantula, Lady Bullseye, Lord Hirochi, Master Izo, Iron Fist, Det. Alex Kurtz, White Tiger (the current female one)

Pg1-pg16: same night as last issue
Lady Bullseye reports to Lord Hirochi. Meanwhile, Black tarantula has been untied and informs Daredevil that he’d been attacked by Hand ninjas. When Murdock tries to figure out why the Hand is back aloud, Izo calls him an idiot and smacks him, then continues to look for booze. Iron Fist shows up and says he’d just been attacked by Hand ninjas. Dakota gets a call from Det. Kurtz, she leaves to meet him. The witness who ‘saw’ Daredevil kill two people has been found beaten to death. Daredevil watches from the rooftops and is confronted by Lady Bullseye. They fight briefly before a group of Hand ninjas attack, but they’re taken by surprise by Master Izo, who fights them off. Daredevil gets upset and leaves, Izo yells at him that he’s doing exactly what the Hand wants him to.
Pg17-pg22: after midnight
Dakota drives Murdock to his wife’s hospital. Meanwhile, Izo and Black Tarantula follow a Hand ninja to a meeting place where they find photographs of Hand targets, including the Black Tarantula and Iron Fist. Meanwhile, Murdock discovers that Milla is no longer at her hospital, her parents have had her removed. Meanwhile, the White Tiger is killed by Lady Bullseye.

It’s raining in New York.

Daredevil #114
February, 2009

Daredevil, Foggy Nelson, Becky Blake, Matt & Foggy’s receptionist (name?), Black Tarantlua, Iron Fist, Master Izo, Milla’s parents (names?), David Roth (lawyer), Lady Bullseye (as “Maki Matsumoto”), White Tiger, Dakota North, Hiro (dies)

Pg1-pg22: same day as end of last issue
Murdock and Foggy discuss Milla’s removal from the hospital, Dakota tells them her parents and their lawyers are on their way. Meanwhile, Master Izo and Iron Fist hit the bar while Black Tarantula goes looking for ninjas. Meanwhile, Murdock & Foggy sit down with the Donovans and their lawyers, they let Murdock know they know about his affair with Dakota and show him pictures. They offer to burn the negatives in return of Murdock signing Milla’s divorce request. Meanwhile, Black Tarantula is attacked by Hand ninjas, and is killed by the White Tiger. Meanwhile, Foggy tries to talk Murdock into agreeing with the Donovan’s offer. Meanwhile, the Donovan’s lawyer is revealed to be Lady Bullseye when she kills her aide. Meanwhile, Iron Fist and Master Izo leave the bar. Murdock tries to call Dakota and returns home to find the revived and brainwashed White Tiger & Black Tarantula, and some Hand ninjas waiting for him.

If we wanted to treat the photos of Murdock & Dakota doing it as a Flashback, it would fall between pgs 20 & 21 of DD2 111 for both. Like so:

DD2 111 (1-20)
DD2 114-FB
DD2 111 (21-22)

Daredevil #115
March, 2009

Daredevil, Master Izo, Iron Fist, Black Tarantula, White Tiger, Lady Bullseye, Lord Hirochi, Foggy Nelson, Dakota North

Pg1-pg20: same day as last issue
The Hand attacks Murdock in his home, Iron Fist and Master Izo arrive in time to help. During the melee Daredevil is confronted by Lady Bullseye, she escpaes and Daredevil chases her across rooftops. She explains that she’s preparing him to lead the Hand, she’s been trying to recruit him by burning away his personal life. He refuses so she knocks him out. Meanwhile, Lord Hirochi attacks Master Izo. Izo cuts off Hirochi’s hand for the attempt. Daredevil wakes up to find everyone gone but Izo, who explains that he knew the Hand was trying to recruit him.
Pg21-pg22: two days later
Murdock wants to talk with Milla’s parents again with their new lawyer, he doesn’t know if he can sign the divorce papers. Foggy asks about the ninja problem, Matt says Master Izo has a new informant on the inside. Meanwhile, Lady Bullseye, Lord Hirochi, and Black Tarantula fly to Spain in a jet plane for “Plan B”.

And there it is!

A quick breakdown:

DD2 111-FB: several years ago
New Avengers #31
DD2 112 (5)-FB: months ago
New Avengers #32
DD2 112 (6-7)-FB: weeks ago
DD2 111 (1-20): sometime after DD2 110 (18-22), day 1
DD2 111 (21-22): day 2
DD2 112: day 2
DD2 113 (1-16): day 2
DD2 113 (17-22): day 3
DD2 114: day 3
DD2 115 (1-20): day 3
DD2 115 (21-22): day 5

And the start of Lady Bullseye’s chronology:

DD2 111-FB
DD2 112-FB
{DD2 111}
DD2 112
DD2 113
DD2 114
DD2 115
-Daron Jensen