Cable 11-12

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Cable 11-12

Post by Col_Fury » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:23 pm

Cable #11
April, 2009

Cable (also in fb), Hope (also in fb), rebels (Zyker named, also in fb)

Pg1-pg3pn1: the future
Cable and the rebel units he’s joined prepare to fight the cockroaches.
Pg3pn2-pg3pn4-FB: just before pg1
Cable joins a rebel group to fight the cockroaches. One of them has developed a bioweapon that should be able to defeat them.
Cable worries that the bioweapon will also kill humans, the rebels unleash it anyway. Cable and Hope travel 100 years into the future to discover that the bioweapon did kill the humans and cockroaches. The two wander around for a while finding nothing to eat and no drinkable water. Cable passes out.

Cable #12
May, 2009

Cable, Hope

Pg1-pg22: the future
Hope finds some water and wakes Cable up. The travel to New York and find the remains of the X-Mansion. Inside they find a message left by Cyclops. They travel further into the future and notice there are people around this time.

The message from Cyclops was recorded on-panel elsewhere, so he doesn’t get a listing here.

To be continued in Messiah War!
-Daron Jensen