Runaways v3 #11-14

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Runaways v3 #11-14

Post by JD » Sun May 02, 2010 12:26 pm

RUNAWAYS v3 #11-14
Writer : Kathryn Immonen
Artist : Sara Pichelli
Published from June to September 2009

Cast :
- The Runaways : Nico Minoru/Sister Grimm, Molly Hayes/Bruiser/Princess Powerful, Chase Stein/Talkback, Victor Mancha/Victorious, Karolina Dean/Lucy in the Sky, Klara Prast, Old Lace, Leapfrog
- Hunter Stein, Violet (his secretary)
- Smugglers : Commander Deering, Walton (random mook)
- A girl who looks suspiciously like Gertrude Yorkes/Arsenic...

Cast : Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Klara Prast, Nico Minoru, Victor Mancha, Molly Hayes, Old Lace, Leapfrog, Hunter Stein, Violet, Deering-BTS

(late afternoon, then night)
In their Malibu house, the Runaways organise a dancing night for themselves. Then a small smuggling drone plane hits the house, killing Old Lace and destroying the Leapfrog. Scared, Klara lashes out and has giant plants grow inside the house.
(Oh, and we also have one page of subplot where Stein discusses his generic mob activities with his secretary.)

Notes :
- No indication of how much time it was since the last issue. It's long enough after RUN3 6 for Karolina to be terribly alone without Xavin, and there's a mention of this being outside Malibu's tourist season (so... winter ?)
- Commander Deering gets a BTS by virtue of being on the unseen and unheard side of a phone conversation with one of his underlings monitoring the drone.
- It's never explained properly, but the smuggling drone deviated from its initial course towards our heroes' house because Victor hacked through their Wi-fi earlier in the issue (looking for some music for the dance night) and left a mess in their network. Presumably.

Cast : Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Klara Prast, Nico Minoru, Victor Mancha, Molly Hayes, Old Lace's corpse, Hunter Stein, Violet, Walton, Deering

(Continued directly from last issue)
The Runaways recoil from the shock, and notice that they can't get out of the house (Karla spends the whole issue either asleep or so upset she's no help). Hunter Stein learns about the incident (he's been having the house monitored) and immediately gets there. He meets Deering and his team, who're trying to understand how their drone got here, but can't get in because of the vines. Hunter goes inside (Klara somehow recognizes him as family and lets him in)... and starts having a tense conversation with the Runaways.

Notes :
- Meet Hunter Stein, Chase's previously unmentioned uncle... for good reason, has Chase believes he killed him years ago in a car accident. Like every adult related to the Runaways ever, he's involved deep in mob-related Pride business.

Cast : Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Klara Prast, Nico Minoru, Victor Mancha, Molly Hayes, Hunter Stein, Leapfrog, Deering, Walton

(Continued directly from last issue)
The Runaways interrogate Hunter Stein, who's adamant about being here to help them. They reluctantly let him dig around the Leapfrog, from which he extracts both the Leapfrog's core, and the drone's payload (an interdimensional container with something unspecified inside). He then leads them to a hidden basement they'd never noticed, where there are a few other Leapfrogs in storage. Chase ambushes Hunter and traps him into the container, and then leaves it there while everybody escapes in one of the Leapfrogs. (They're already talking about reinstalling the original Leapfrog's core in it, so I'm not considering it as a new character.)
Outside, Deering decides to cut his losses, and has the house burned down.

Flashback :
- Page 3 (panels 3-6) & page 4 (panel 2) : Hunter Stein having a heated discussion with Janet & Victor Stein ; then walking out their house... and being hit by Chase's van, who happened to pass by. Considering everyone's appearance and the fact that Chase was old enough to drive, I'd put this just before RUN 1 for all involved.

Notes :
- Old Lace's corpse has mysteriously disappeared between issues. The dialogue even comments on it, in what I can't decide whether it is an attempt to cover for the artwork's poor storytelling.

Cast : Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Klara Prast, Nico Minoru, Victor Mancha, Molly Hayes, Leapfrog, Hunter Stein, Violet, Gert (?)

(Late the next afternoon, pages 1-10)
The Leapfrog (and the Runaways inside) is floating near the seashore, while Victor is reinstalling its core. Chase goes for groceries.
Meanwhile, Hunter Stein has somehow found a way back to his house, and has Violet look through all of his brother's old cellphone numbers (hoping that the Runaways had pilfered one of them). After some time, he does find the Runaways' number, and invites them to meet him again. They reluctantly decide to go their, without Chase.
(That night, pages 11-20)
The Runaways go to... San Francisco ? (that's where Hunter Stein's previously been mentioned to be leaving) and meet with Hunter, who offers them house and money, no strings attached. They'll be thinking about it. Meanwhile, Chase runs into a girl looking suspiciously like Gert, and is so distracted he gets run over by a van.
(The next morning, pages 21-22)
The Runaways fly away from the city, still thinking about the offer. Oh, and maybe they should look for Chase. Who really doesn't look good in that hospital emergency bed...

Notes :
- Yes, the series ends on a cliffhanger. And there's no continuation in sight, so far.

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Re: Runaways v3 #11-14

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