Ghost Rider v6 20-23

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Ghost Rider v6 20-23

Post by Col_Fury » Thu May 22, 2008 8:28 pm

Ghost Rider v6 #20
April, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Lucas Collier

Johnny Blaze confesses his sins to a priest.
Pg5-pg22: two weeks later
Trying to figure out how to get into heaven, Johnny stops at a gas station where the attendant tells him about Lucas. Lucas is afraid of angels, which gets Johnny’s attention. He makes his way to the hospital and runs into resistance with the head nurse. He turns into Ghost Rider and gets Lucas out of there. Meanwhile, two motorists are attacked by cannibalistic ghosts.

There’s no concrete mention of how much time has passed, but it seems that this picksup fairly recently after the end of last issue.

Ghost Rider v6 #21
May, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Lucas Collier

Pg1-pg3: day after end of last issue
The police blame the remains of the motorists on coyotes. Meanwhile, Johnny and Lucas chat.
Pg4pn1(of 5)-FB: a week or two ago, give or take
Lucas is treated by paramedics.(it’s explained that he died for a few minutes, went to heaven, but couldn’t get in because the gate was locked. Heaven’s under siege by Zadkiel, who wants to run the place himself)
Pg4pn2-pg22: same day as pg3
Johnny and Lucas are attacked by the nurses from the hospital. Meanwhile, a new police officer looks into the history of the highway by questioning the mortician. The mortician cuts off the officer’s hand and starts to eat it. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider fights the machine gun toting nurses on the haunted highway.

Ghost Rider v6 #22
June, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Lucas Collier, Dan Ketch

A young Johnny Blaze finds a satanic bible when a dead homeless man is dragged away from carnival grounds.
Pg2-pg22: same day as last issue
Ghost Rider fights the nurses while the cannibalistic ghosts attack him, the nurses, and Lucas. Meanwhile, the head nurse checks in with Zadkiel’s lieutenant Dan Ketch. Elsewhere, the mortician eats the officer’s hand while driving out of town. Meanwhile, everyone converges into the middle of town…

I would say this FlashBack should be sometime before GR2 68 (6:3-6:5)-FB, where Johnny checks out some books on the occult. Meaning, he finds this one, and later checks out others just to find they’re full of crap, too.

Ghost Rider v6 #23
July, 2008

Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze), Lucas Collier, Dan Ketch

Pg1-pg19: same night as last issue
There’s a major car crash in the middle of town when a bus, the mortician, and Ghost Rider all run into each other at high speeds. Ghost Rider kills the rest of the nurses, but the head nurse dissolves.(she’s being called back ‘home’) Ghost Rider uses his penance stare on the cop and Lucas kills himself, not wanting to go to heaven. Ghost Rider then ties up the mortician and drags him across the highway, which satisfies the cannibalistic ghosts.
Pg20-pg22: the next day
Dan Ketch chats with the gas station attendant while Johnny makes his way to another town.

I didn’t see a name for the head nurse, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she popped up again in a future issue. She appears in all four of these issues, for future reference.

Dan Ketch is now Zadkiel's lieutenant! Oh no! I'm sure the next issue or so will fill us in on what happened to him in the last ten years...

For the current stuff, following last issue. For the FlashBack to Johnny’s younger days:

GR3 14 (14:1)-FB
GR6 5 (6:4 - 7)-FB
GR3 14 (14:3)-FB
M/SPT 5 (7:3 - 7:4)-FB
GR6 5 (8:3 - 8:4)-FB
M/SPT 5 (8:1 - 8:2)-FB
GR3 -1
GR6 5 (13:2 - 13:6)-FB
*GR6 22-FB
M/SPT 5 (8:3 - 9:5)-FB
GR2 68 (6:3 - 6:5)-FB
-Daron Jensen