USA COMICS #7/3 (Marvel Boy)

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USA COMICS #7/3 (Marvel Boy)

Post by wolframbane » Thu May 29, 2008 2:31 am

March 1943
No title given (7 pages)

Marvel Boy II (Martin Oksner Burns; not to be confused with Marvel Boy I (Martin Simon Burns) from DARING MYSTERY COMICS 6)
Hercules (appears as both a mummified body and a spirit; not to be confused with the Olympian demigod Hercules (Heracles) from JIM@ 1)
Goderich Von Blubber and two Nazi operatives
Miss Prim (a teacher)

During a field trip where teacher Miss Prim takes her class to a museum displaying ancient Egyptian artifacts, a student accidentally knocks over the sarcophagus containing the mummy of Hercules, who was according to legend a powerful champion of right. As the sarcophagus falls, a glass vial containing an extract of Hercules' blood shatters and cuts student Martin Burns, causing the blood of the ancient hero and the young man to mix. As a doctor is examining Martin, Miss Prim notices that his wounds have apparently already healed, and he seemingly manifests superhuman strength while opening a revolving door. Later that evening, Martin is approached at his home by a mysterious shadow that he realizes is the actual Hercules, who identifies Martin as his fated successor in the twentieth century. The soul of Hercules bequeaths to Martin his former costume which also grants the youth superhuman speed, intelligence and the power of flight, and he is given the name of Marvel Boy. Venturing forth, Marvel Boy rescues a trapped subway signalman from a burning building, the fire having been set by Nazi operatives after torturing the man to obtain information to take control of the subway system. Arriving at the main signal station of the subway, where operative Goderich Von Blubber and his men have set the signal controls to cause all the trains to crash during morning rush hour, Marvel Boy manages to subdue the saboteurs and bring the trains to a halt. Von Blubber and his men are apprehended and Martin Burns arrives in class the following morning, where he apologizes to Miss Prim for his lateness.

"Late 1942" (OHOTMU6 4).

Marvel Boy's real name is given as Martin Burns in this story; his middle name of Oksner, confirmed in OHOTMU6 4 and probably derived from scripter Bob Oksner, distinguishes him from the Marvel Boy (Martin Simon Burns) of DARING MYSTERY COMICS 6.

Hercules may or may not be the same Hercules the empowered Marvel Boy I in DARING MYSTERY COMICS 6.

Marvel Boy II 'may' be in the new Avengers/Invaders series, given the promotional art.

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