Punisher: Little Black Book 1

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Punisher: Little Black Book 1

Post by Col_Fury » Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:41 pm

Punisher: Little Black Book #1
August, 2008

Punisher(Frank Castle)

Pg1-pg4pn2: one night
Posing as a chauffeur, the Punisher drives a woman named Vette to a party.
Pg4pn3-pg4pn4-FB: 20 years ago?
Vette’s dad is killed. Later, she looks at his headstone.
Pg4pn5(of 6)-pg9pn1(of 6): same night as pg4pn2
The Punisher and Vette go to a party. Some bouncers almost recognize the Punisher, but his brilliant mustache disguise fools them.
Pg9pn2-pg11pn3-FB: earlier that day
After getting dressed, the Punisher convinces Vette to get him into a party by showing her ‘client list’ to her. He wants to take care of Carlos Ramirez, a drug lord and cop killer. When she realizes she has no choice, she agrees.
Pg11pn4(of 6)-pg32
Vette distracts Carlos while the Punisher takes care of the bouncers. The Punisher then takes care of Carlos… with lots of bullets. The two make their way out of the party. The Punisher shoots more bouncers while Vette goes outside and tries to steal a car. It doesn’t work and she’s assaulted, but the Punisher comes out and kills her attackers. Her gives her back her client list and leaves.

Green leaves, no weather to speak of.

Vette has been looking for her client list for ‘a week’. Therefore, the Punisher has been seeing for at least that long. So yeah, there’s that.

This could really go anywhere for the Punisher, so I’ll say before issue 50 or after the current arc finishes up.
-Daron Jensen

Paul Bourcier
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Re: Punisher: Little Black Book 1

Post by Paul Bourcier » Fri Jun 13, 2008 9:01 pm

Thanks, Fury! I think I'll place this after the current PUN7 arc, at least for now.
Paul B.