Coming from Marvel in January

Press releases and upcoming events that might affect the Marvel Universe and its chronologies. Use Spoiler warnings!

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Coming from Marvel in January

Post by JD » Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:05 pm

Full solicitations at Newsarama, as usual : ... tions.html
If you prefer Comic Book Resources, here you go : ... e&id=18505
Or you could go directly to the Marvel website :

Slightly snarky highlights for this month :


- DARK AVENGERS #1, by Bendis and Deodato : a third Avengers book (fourth if you count A:TI). No details beyond that.

- PUNISHER #1, by Remender & Opena, appears to be a relaunch of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (of with Remender was a co-writer lately), with a DARK REIGN tie-in. To avoid confusion, the current (MAX) series is renamed PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE.

- DR. DOOM AND THE MASTERS OF EVIL #1, by Tobin and Scherberger, appears to be a new ongoing in the vein of Marvel Adventures (but without the branding).

- OFFICIAL INDEX TO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE #1. Starting back at the sixties.


- SECRET INVASION: WAR OF KINGS (Abnett, Lanning & Pelletier) is a prelude to the "War of Kings" crossover. Other tie-ins : GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #9, and X-MEN: KINGBREAKER #2 (which is actually a 4-issue mini, not a one-shot as stated here last month).

- SUPER HERO SQUAD ONE-SHOT (by Tobin and DiChiara) is actually a collection of webcomics originally published on

- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: EXTRA! #2 : wait, this is meant to be a semi-regular series ? Anyway, this is another series of vignettes and trailers for future storylines, mostly done by the regular writers and artists.

- SPIDER-MAN: FEAR ITSELF #1, by Moore & Suitor : guest-starring Man-Thing ! Beyond the length, I have no idea why this could not have been fitted in the regular title, though...

- CAPTAIN AMERICA: THEATER OF WAR: AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, by Jenkins & Erskine, goes back to WWII and Cap's origin. Is there any logic here, or are these one-shots completely random ?

- NOVA: ORIGIN OF RICHARD RIDER, reprinting NOVA (original series) #1 & #4, with a framing sequence by the current writers and John Buscema.

- WOLVERINE: SWITCHBACK (Clark & Das Pastoras) is this month's random Wolverine oneshot.

- X-MEN VS. HULK #1, by Claremont & Clark, apparently spotlights Wolverine and Colossus. It seems to include a backup reprint of an old Claremont story to pad up the price.


- Dark Reign continues its embargo on solicitations, with the following titles : DARK AVENGERS #1, NEW AVENGERS #49, MIGHTY AVENGERS #21, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #21, THUNDERBOLTS #128, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9, MS. MARVEL #35, WAR MACHINE #2, DEADPOOL #6, and UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #2.
* Slott takes over MIGHTY AVENGERS, with Pham on art.
* Meanwhile, Gage now writes THE INITIATIVE fully, after months of co-writing.

- ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #130 is the only tie-in to ULTIMATUM shipping this month.

- NEW WARRIORS is cancelled with issue #20.

- THOR goes back to its old numbering in order to celebrate issue #600.

- FANTASTIC FOUR (#563 has already been rescheduled to January)
- WOLVERINE (nearly bimonthly by this point)
- ULTIMATUM (uh ???)
- ULTIMATE X-MEN & ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR (still one issue to go each)
- THE TWELVE (for the second month running)
- IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS (vaporware)
- newuniversal: shockfront (ditto)
- CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE (when your first issue has been pushed back two months to December, you know there's trouble...)
- CRIMINAL (on hiatus during the publication of INCOGNITO, apparently...)


- Marvel Masterworks : Human Torch v2, + a new version of Amazing Spider-Man v1
- Essentials : Punisher v3, and a new printing of Wolverine v1

- X-MEN OMNIBUS v1 : covering the first half of the silver age run.
- CAPTAIN BRITAIN BY ALAN MOORE & ALAN DAVIS OMNIBUS (exactly what it says on the tin)

- ULTIMATUM: MARCH ON ULTIMATUM PREMIERE is actually a collection of this year's annuals (most of which are only tangentially related to Ultimatum).

- RUINS #1 reprints Ellis's answer to Marvels.

- WOLVERINE: NOT DEAD YET PREMIERE HC, reprinting an Ellis/Yu storyarc from 1997. Was there a clause in Ellis's Astonishing contract to reprint all his old X-Men-related work (except Excalibur), or are the collection department just going wild ?

- Random stuff reprinted in the Premiere format : CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE TRUTH, DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN, X-MEN: PROTEUS (the original saga, including the CLASSIC X-MEN backups)

- Lots of Secret Invasion collections, including the surprising SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION TPB (reprinting the webcomic running on

- FANTASTIC FOUR VISIONARIES: JOHN BYRNE VOL. 0 (including various fill-ins + guest appearances in titles such as MARVEL TEAM-UP)


So, what caught up your eye this time ?

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Re: Coming from Marvel in January

Post by wolframbane » Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:38 pm

Hmmm. The Index definitely grabs my eye