Uncanny Origins 10

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Uncanny Origins 10

Post by Col_Fury » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:41 pm

Uncanny Origins #10
June, 1997

UO 10 (1-6)
-13 year old Felicia Hardy learns her dad was a thief. She later performs in a gymnastics contest and wins second place, but her mom yells at her for not winning first. One day, she stops a burglar from stealing her purse at school. She then starts taking martial arts classes. One day, she finds her dad’s lock picks in her mom’s room and starts to put together her Black Cat suit.
ASM 195-FB
-Felicia Hardy practices martial arts and gymnastics.
-Felicia Hardy(in her Black Cat suit) and Brian Lash are stealing jewels, when Brian decides he wants to steal the cash and kill the security guard. Felicia cuts his face.
UO 10 (7-8)
- After seeing that her dad is dying in prison, Felicia and her mom chat. Later, she puts on her Black Cat suit and approaches a police station in New York.
UO 10 (9-13)
-retells ASM 194 from the Black Cat’s perspective, not much new information.
UO 10 (14)
-Black Cat checks on Spider-Man after the explosion, grabs her dad and takes off.
UO 10 (15-17)
-retells ASM 195 from the Black Cat’s perspective, not much new information.
UO 10 (18)
-Black Cat crawls out of the river.
UO 10 (19)
-retells bits of ASM 204, 205, & 226. However, Jonah’s wandering around the Bugle here, but he’s an amnesiac at this time in ASM and Robbie’s in charge…
UO 10 (20-23)
-‘Months’ later, Peter Parker thinks he recognizes Felicia on the street, but she doesn’t know who he is.(he thinks to himself, “Isn’t she supposed to be locked up?” She meets with her mom and later decides to go crime fighting. Spider-Man happens to pass by and says he’s glad to have her on ‘our side’(you know, the good guys) and swings off.
The End!

Well. Everything was going nicely until page 19. Once Felicia breaks out of the mental hospital in ASM 226, she hooks up with Spider-Man and between ASM 226 & 227, he tries to get her to stop stealing and start working with the good guys. It doesn’t go very well, and by the time ASM 227 ends he thinks she’s dead. When they run into each other again in Peter Parker 74, he’s shocked that she’s still alive. Any time after that and there’s no reason for him to think she’s supposed to be locked up. Even if we ignore the ‘months later’ caption, this still doesn’t fit with how ASM 226 goes.(where Spider-Man stops her from stealing and HE convinces her to be a good guy)

So yeah, between the Bugle/Jameson thing and the locked up/our side thing, there just isn’t any place for this thing to go.

Some placement suggestions:

The Non-Canon list! HAW!

...unless someone can convince me otherwise...
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Re: Uncanny Origins 10

Post by newtron » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:07 am

yeah i agree. after reading it i thought there wasn't really any way to may it work.
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Re: Uncanny Origins 10

Post by cweed4 » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:14 am

Col_Fury wrote:Some placement suggestions:

The Non-Canon list! HAW!

...unless someone can convince me otherwise...
This is just another aspect of the Mephisto deal that "will be explained at a later date". :twisted: