Wolverine Annual v2 #1

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Jason Doty
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Wolverine Annual v2 #1

Post by Jason Doty » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:18 pm

Chen Yu
Dragon warriors
Adam Destine
Pandora Destine
Walter Destine
Samantha Destine
Rory Destine
Newton Destine
Jasmine Destine
Dominique Destine
Doctor Strange
Vincent Destine

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Re: Wolverine Annual v2 #1

Post by DonCampbell » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:10 am

As a really big fan of the Clan Destine, I believe that this list deserves some more detailed information. Plus, there's one small mistake to be corrected.

This story takes place immediately after the events depicted in the 2012 Daredevil Annual. Also, Vincent's grave opened "last night" and it was "yesterday" that a spirit force arose from his grave. All in all, the events in those three annuals take place over the course of maybe 24-36 hours.

Extra information:
Wolverine - also in flashbacks/memories (as Logan)
Chen Yu - only in flashbacks/memories (2 separate times)
Dragon Warriors - only in flashback/memories
Adam Destine - only in flashbacks/memories (3 times)
Vincent Destine - also in flashbacks/memories

Corrected information:
Dominique Destine - should be Dominic Destine

New information:
four firefighters (none named, two die)
Professor Stanley (dies) - from Thor: The Truth of History
Heliopolitan hybrids (mummified remains)
clones of the Heliopolitan hybrids (killed)
substance of the Plastoid robot (controlled by Vincent)

People inside Vincent's "bubble world" see images of Benjamin Grimm, Alpha and 2 of his Omegans, Chen Yu, Adam Destine, Al Hadhdhaab, and Neb Maat (among others). When this Annual is analyzed, some of them are significant enough to be included (as FBs) in the proper chronologies.

Finally, in the 2012 Daredevil Annual, Doctor Strange (while talking to Dom) mentioned that he could "currently detect nine others" (with the Destine occult spiritual energy) in the city. Counting Dom, that would make ten Destines. Yet in this story we only see the following Clan Destine members: Pandora, Walter, Samantha, Rory, Newton, Jasmine, Dominic, and Vincent. That's only eight Destines so which two other members of the Clan were in NYC but didn't show up?

Don Campbell